5 Effective Ways to Drive More Sales at a Flea Market

You’ve booked your stall at an upcoming flea market, and got a great set of goods to sell. But actually making sales in a bustling, colourful, noisy bazaar isn’t as easy as it seems. Here are some of the things you can do to stand out from the rest of the stalls, and drive more sales.

1) Banners & Branding

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a good banner! Especially if you are new to the market, your logo and brand must get noticed. Remember that a flea market or pop-up bazaar tends to get crowded, so place your signage in a place it’s impossible to miss!
Avoid putting it on the side of the table where it will be covered by the crowd, or directly behind you. Try and visit your stall a day earlier or before customers come in. Place your banner in different spots and see which is most likely to grab the eye.
Pro Tip: A well placed banner is better than a big one! This is one of those cases where size doesn’t matter all that much. Visibility, clarity and quality of the artwork does.

2) Dazzling Displays

Instead of just laying your products out on a table, think on unique ways of displaying them. For e.g. If you’re selling scarves, you could use a ladder to create a portable display rack. If you’re selling lanterns, bring in a tree branch to hang them from. You yourself can become a part of the display by wearing fashion accessories or clothes that are up for sale. An interesting display not only stands out but also serves as a conversation starter.
Pro Tip: If it’s your first time at an exhibition, you could to invest in a designer to help you plan signage and create a dazzling display. It may cost a little, but will definitely give you returns!

3) Smile, Chat & Make Friends

No one likes a grumpy shopkeeper! Take the time to smile, make eye contact and greet every customer who stops by. Start by introducing yourself, ask a customer their name, maybe go a step further by complementing her fancy earrings or his stylish shirt. (We all know flattery works wonders, in moderation of course!)
Pro Tip: If you notice a repeat customer, ask them how they have been and mention how lovely it is to see them again. Remember how you felt the last time you entered a restaurant and the waiter recalled your favourite dish? It’s nice to be remembered! And people will often return the favour by buying something from you.
Don’t begin by giving customers a rehearsed speech about your products. More often than not, this will put them off. Bring up your products after initial pleasantries have been exchanged.

4) Touch, Taste & Take Away

People love to smell a bar of soap before they buy it, or touch a scarf to see how soft it is or taste a cupcake before buying a box of twelve. Make sure your stall has samples for people to try out. If you’re selling cakes, encourage them to grab a spoon and dig into the tasting sample. It will ensure more people linger around your stall, which firstly attracts others who want to know what the fuss is about and secondly, gives you a chance to engage customers in a conversation.
Another great way to attract customers is to give them a little freebie. Like a discount coupon which they can use in the future. If they buy a book, give them a quirky bookmark with it. It they buy t-shirts, give them a nice tote to put them in. Choose to give away something simple & in-expensive, but make sure it’s memorable, useful & has your contact information on it. Giving away freebies like these, is much more effective than handing out fliers or business cards that will end up in the trash.

5) A Pocket-Sized, Pocket-Friendly Alternative

If every single product in your store is expensive, customers may turn away, especially if you’re a newbie. Make sure you have something small and inexpensive to sell as well, especially at a flea market.
For e.g. If you’re selling expensive glass lamps, you could also sell smaller paper lanterns which a first time customer wouldn’t think twice before picking up. If you’re selling expensive laptop bags & sleeves, also offer customers cheaper phone covers which they find impossible to resist!
Make sure the pocket-friendly products are somehow related to your primary product or service. You may not make much profit, but the same customer is more likely to make a big purchase from you the second time around. And of course, your brand will be remembered!
Stand out using all these little tips and tricks we’ve shared with you. We’re pretty sure sales will follow!

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