Level Up to New Features- Around.io, Refiral, CCAvenue and much More

Ever wondered what is common between an online store owner and an F1 driver? Well, for starters, both live life in the fast lane and need fully-upgraded equipment to stay in the race. And wouldn’t it suck if your brand, didn’t have the best car for the big race?
That is why at Zepo, we never stop coming up with newer ways for our customers to continue their growth. And over the last few weeks, we’ve brought out tonnes of new features and tools that you are sure to love. Read on to know about how you can do lots more with your online store!
1) Manage Social Media with Around.io Tool
Tired of managing multiple social media accounts and updating them manually? Use the Around.io tool to handle all your social media accounts at one place. Schedule posts in advance and sync your products with Around.io dashboard to simplify product sharing.
How to use Around.io: To activate the Around.io tool, navigate to the ‘Marketing’ dropdown in your Zepo dashboard, and click on ‘Marketing Advanced Features’. The Around.io tool comes free with the Unlmited plan on Zepo.
2) Run Custom Affiliate Programs on your Store
Wish to run affiliate programs with custom affiliates like coupon-listing or product comparison websites that are not integrated with Zepo? We have good news for you! Now you can use Google Tag Manager to track your sales through any affiliate program of your choice.
How to Integrate Google Tag Manager: You can check out the steps to integrate Google Tag Manager with your Zepo store here.
3) Multiply Sales with dgxSell Affiliate Support
Looking to advertise your products online, but running on a budget? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Introducing the dgXsell Affiliate Marketing program for Zepo customers. Place your ads on more than 20,000 websites and pay a commission only when you make a sale through them.
How to Signup: Register for dgxSell Affiliate support  and use this coupon code to waive the Monthly Campaign Running Cost (different from commission per sale) for the first 2 months: DGZEPO2.
4) Improve Word-of-Mouth Marketing with Refiral
There is no marketing as efficient as word-of-mouth marketing. With Refiral, allow your customers to share their purchases on social networks, in return for instant discounts on current purchases. Sit back and allow your customers to spread the word about your brand.
How to Activate: Navigate to ‘Advanced Features’ under ‘Settings’ in the Zepo dashboard, and activate the Refiral app.
5) Use Ratings Widget to show Product Ratings
Allow customers to display their love for your products openly on your website. Add a customizable ratings widget on your store and receive product ratings from shoppers. What better a way to make your best selling products stand out?
How to Activate: Navigate to ‘Advanced Features’ under ‘Settings’ in the Zepo dashboard, and activate the Ratings Widget.
6) Integrate your CCAvenue Account on Zepo
Wish to use the CCAvenue payment gateway to accept payments on your online store? Let’s get started then! Integrate CCAvenue on your Zepo store without any hassles! Accept payments from all major debit and credit cards on your store, using the new multi-currency system on CCAvenue.
How to Integrate CCAvenue: In order to integrate CCAvenue with your Zepo store, you simply need to follow the steps listed here.
7) Use the Code Guide to Customize your Store
Your brand has a unique identity, so why should it not have a unique look? Make the most of HTML/CSS customization, with our 3rd party code guide. Use the codes provided, tweak it around as you wish, and have a gorgeous looking storefront ready in no time at all!
How to Add More Customizations: Navigate to the ‘Design my Store’ section on your Zepo dashboard and click on the ‘Want More Customizations’ tab.
Now that you have so many new many new features to assist, you can rock the sales on your store with awesome products. Make sure you make full use of them.
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