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Zepo's Work from Different Location Programme

Zepo has three offices spread across North, West and South of India, i.e. in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, which we built in order to improve our clients’ accessibility to us. We however thought that we can use this small accomplishment of ours to benefit our members as well.  Hence, we devised a policy by which every member would get the opportunity to switch his work location to any of the Zepo offices for a month once he finishes his 6 months tenure in Zepo.

To apply for a different location you need to intimate a month in advance and take the consent of following two people.

  1. Your team lead
  2. City coordinator where you want to shift.

So, for instance if you are working for the BD Team at Delhi and want to move to Mumbai for a month, you would have to first speak to the BD Team Lead and explicate the reason behind your move.

BD Team Lead would then take a stand on your decision depending on whether your decision to move is affecting your work in Delhi or not.

BD Team Lead would then have a meeting with his team, followed by an email to team’s ID informing everybody at Zepo about your move to Mumbai for a month.

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