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Chill out for a month on salary money at Zepo

Every member who has finished 6 months in Zepo becomes eligible to take a month long vacation in an year. However, the vacation is not paid but Zepo tries to ensure that you do not go salary-less in your vacation month, with this policy.

In a year every month some constant sum will be held by the company from your salary such that in the twelfth month when you take vacation, the accrued amount will be credited to you as your salary. Let us explain through the analogy below:

Say post your 6 months completion in Zepo you decide on going for a vacation and your salary is, say Rs 30. Now, in a normal situation every month you would be drawing salary of 30, going salary-less in the vacation month. However, if you subscribe to this policy your cumulated salary of 11 months, which is (30 x 11) would be equally distributed in every month of the year. It implies that you would be drawing salary of (30 x 11)/12 = 27.5 throughout the year, without an interruption.

Subscribing to this policy is absolutely optional. However, if you plan on going for a vacation, it is imperative that you intimate your team lead 2 months in advance keeping HR in the loop.


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