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Zepo's Peer-to-Peer Review Policy

We too fancy the stories of one-man-armies like John Rambo, John McClane, Lord Hanuman etc like everyone else, but only in book or on celluloid. If given an opportunity we wouldn’t want to have Rambos and McClanes in our team because we don’t want one-man-armies in Zepo. We embrace team players.

So when it comes to periodic evaluation it’s none other than your team that does that, although anonymously.

This is how a normal periodic evaluation is done at Zepo:

  1.  4-5 people from your department will be picked out at random and will be asked to review you on a set of criterion; this review is done once in 2 months.
  2.  The feedback sharing is done anonymously, so as to ensure fairness.
  3. After we receive the review from your team members, you are given a chance to evaluate yourself.
  4.   Next, your self review, your peers’ reviews is taken into consideration by your team lead and the final evaluation is eventually conveyed to you.

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