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Zepo's Work in a Different Department Programme

We all prefer startup over MNCs or our grandfather’s favorite company because money is no more the biggest motivation at work.

We all tend to measure the quality of a job with the money that it churns, when it is outrightly wrong. But we still do because a) money matters b) it is measurable, tangible unlike other benefits of a job. Had money been the determinant of the job’s quality there hadn’t been too many takers for the post of President of India who monthly makes lesser than the mid level manager of a MNC. What we often fail to acknowledge is that money is just one element from the arsenal of motivators that motivates a member, who in turn catapult the organisation to growth. And one of the significant motivators out of all of them is ‘learning’. At Zepo, we want to create a workplace where people come to learn.

We aspire to build an organisation where, at the end of the day when people leave for home, salary should be the last valued thing they take with them. And so we introduced this programme to enable our members learn the nuance of any department which they are interested in.

According to this programme, every member who has finished her 6 months tenure in Zepo becomes eligible to work in any department of her choice, for a month.

So, if you are part of Marketing team and interested to move to the BD team for a month, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1 – You would have to contact your Team Lead first and tell him/her the reasons for moving to the BD team, albeit for a month.

Step 2 – Team Lead would then have to decide if the team can function smoothly, without you for a month, as the show must go on, right?

Step 3 – Marketing Team Lead then catches up with BD Team Lead over a cup of coffee and discusses your plans with him.

Step 4 – Once the BD Team Lead is convinced & gives the green signal, you need to do some groundwork wrt the BD Team’s functioning, atleast a month prior to your joining date in the BD Team.

Step 5 – Now as you are all geared up & have learnt all about BD roles & responsibilities, it’s time for a test. Yes! we need to be convinced before you take on the responsibilities. So, the BD Team Lead would be taking a small test on all that you’ve learnt by far, about the BD team. Once he’s convinced, you are onboard and are also assigned a buddy who would help you transition smoothly into the BD Team!

Step 6 – You would need to drop in an email  to both the teams about your temporary move.

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