We are Sorry. We Are Changing Our Ways

Every company faces situations when they do not stand up to their customer’s expectations and unwillingly upset them. Even though we strive towards never being one of those, we are going to accept that we did mess up and we apologize for it.

What Prompted this Apology?

What do you feel as a customer when a product is not delivered in the time frame promised? Or when your crush doesn’t respond to your text messages?

Expectation <=> Reality = Disappointment

Over the past fortnight we’ve been trying to do right by a Zepo customer who was disappointed when his expectations were not met at Zepo. He wanted to start an online grocery store with Zepo and was working against a deadline, like most of us do.

After a couple of calls with our business development team, the customer decided to go ahead with us and purchased our 6 month Pro Plan. But somewhere along the way, what we promised to him is not what he got. We deeply regret this and have been trying to do right by him, ever since.

In trying to make things right, there are a lot of lessons we learnt as a company. Which is why we, today, have decided to come out and share the experience with everyone.

We, start-ups, don’t know it all. And we make mistakes, more often than the bigger companies out there. But we rely heavily on our customers to help us grow into better companies with their feedback. So we hope, even after this, you’ll put the faith in us to provide you extra-ordinary services, like is our dream.

Since this open apology is specific to an incident that happened recently, we decided to lay down the details of what went wrong and how are we going to do to improve the processes, so that such an  incident is never repeated.

The Incident

  1. “Store customization will not take more than 2 minutes”

What went wrong – When we were trying to get the customer on-board, we told him that the third-party javascript customizations, take no more than 5 minutes. When his customization requests came in, we realized that these were big features which would take us 1-2 months to build. From writing the code, to releasing it on the live store, was a bigger lifecycle which we hadn’t anticipated.

The Takeaway  – We will understand the requirements of the customer completely, as sometimes there is a  communication gap in what the customer wants and what we understand. Also, we will communicate better with our technology team to understand such requests and give a realistic timeline to the customer.

  1. “You will have an account manager for your store who will respond to your queries within 12 hours”

What went wrong – The customer could not get in touch with the account manager through the support line. Our system did not record the missed calls, a glitch we experienced for the first time. Since, he was on a time crunch he tried to contact multiple people on the team.As a result, the matter ended up being escalated to 4 different team members. The customer had to explain everything from scratch to each team member and the main issue he was facing could not come into focus.

The Takeaway- We have put in place a robust escalation process where every query which requires serious attention, will be sent to the authority in the in the department. We have also ensured that every escalation is strictly adheres to the resolution time.

  1. “Request to refund is on case to case basis and we can’t proceed with it now”

What went wrong – Since we could not fulfill the specific requirements of the customer, he was clearly dissatisfied with the platform and asked for a refund based on the refund policies he saw on the webpage. According to the same policy, we suggested some workarounds and tried to figure it out. Even though, we refunded the entire amount within 3 days, we  ended up irking the customer. Sir, we’re truly sorry for that.

The TakeAway – We will encourage every customer to fully understand all the features and functions of the store in the 14-day trial period. We will strive to communicate all our policies effectively with every customer. In case any customer is still dissatisfied, we’ll go out of our way to accommodate his/her request.

  1. “Knowledge base is not updated”

What went wrong – When the customer could not reach the support team, he tried reading the resource blog posts related to the features. The instructions did not work for the latest updates and the information was not useful for him.

The TakeAway- We will make sure that all our blogs are updated and include the latest information. A new individual has been given the responsibility of ‘Knowledgebase Manager’ who will check the blog for all updates regularly.

Every sale that we make is a huge step towards the growth of our company. We celebrate the onboarding of each and every customer, as our success is completely interdependent on the success of our customers. As a startup, we understand all the problems an entrepreneur faces while starting an online store.

We are deeply hurt that we could not put forward our sentiments and reason for Zepo’s existence in our service to you. Sir, we apologize for our mistake and promise to learn from this incident. With every mistake we made, we learned a way to avoid it in the future. Every step we take and all the policies put in place are with you in mind. With this note,  we keep up with our promise to connect with you better and grow together as a community of Ecommerce entrepreneurs. Even though our business relation could not last long, we are always available for you. Please feel free to reach us in case we can be of any help to you in the future. http://credit-n.ru/ipoteka.html

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Nitin Purswani

Nitin Purswani

Founder @ Zepo.in, "FOCUS" is my buzz word. I usually write late into the night, when the noise and chaos of the day dissipates. Constantly brimming with things to write about, I don't get enough time to pen it all down. An entrepreneur to the core, the dream is to make Zepo "THE" tech solution for SMBs in India.

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