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Why Online Shoppers Leave Without Paying

As the holiday season reaches its climax, online businesses push to get the most out of each sale. However, many times, carts are left abandoned. SurePayroll has created an infographic entitled “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” Detailing why 68% of virtual carts are simply deserted.

$18 billion is lost every year in abandoned carts, and this infographic explains some of the major reasons for customers hitting that “close window” button. The number one reason why customers abandon their carts? Unexpected costs, such as shipping and other hidden fees. Many potential purchases are also lost during the checkout process due to forced registration. User Interface Engineering found that 75 percent of users who are forced to register before checking out never complete their intended purchase.

What can you do to help reduce shopping cart abandonment? From making carts easily editable, to providing free shipping and offering multiple ways to pay, this infographic gives lots of tips on getting your cart optimized for purchases. Take some time to evaluate your ecommerce page to make sure you are doing everything you can to reduce shopping cart abandonment on your site. Optimizing your shopping cart is an easy fix for your ecommerce and can significantly increase sales.


SurepayrollAbout the Author: SurePayroll provides online payroll services for small businesses across the nation. SurePayroll files and pays your taxes while you can focus on your business. Follow the SurePayroll Blog for the latest in managing small business payroll.

Now that you know why your customers leave without paying and also the solution to this problem. Let us know if this works out for you.


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