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Still Ignoring Mobile? Key Mobile Commerce Strategies for Online Stores

“Fifteen months ago, 5% of Snapdeal’s sales were made by phones. Today it is 65% — growth of 3,000% in the last year. My sense is that over the next two years, over 80% of orders will be on mobile phones,” says Kunal Bahl, CEO of Snapdeal. 45% of the transactions from mobile were made via the app, while the remaining 55% were made from the mobile site.

Mobile is increasingly the go-to device for online purchases. Flipkart expects sales from mobile devices, which is currently at 20%, to surge by more than 50% in a year. Myntra expects its mobile sales to soar from the current 50% to over 70% driven by the launch of their mobile app.

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Traditionally smartphones were used only for research (with the transaction being completed on a desktop or offline), but consumers are increasingly comfortable with making the transaction on mobile itself. This trend is driven by faster mobile internet connections, better trust and more seamless experiences.

Unfortunately, 95% of today’s ecommerce sites are not optimized for mobile and tablets. For small and medium e-tailers to follow the growth pattern of the ecommerce giants such as Snapdeal, Flipkart and Myntra, they need to “optimize for mobile” as well.

How do you “optimize for mobile”?

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1. Load fast: Mobile shoppers are impatient and demanding. To address their impulsive purchase decisions and their expectation of instant gratification, the mobile site needs to load quickly. Research shows that for every 1-second delay in page load time, there is a 7% reduction in conversion rate.

2. Look good: Ecommerce merchants need to build trust with their customers. Customers are unsure if the merchant will deliver on time, whether he will charge the right amount, whether the product is genuine and several other such uncertainties. One of the most impactful ways to build trust is by having an appealing mobile site. The cross-page experience needs to be consistent, the text and images need to be pleasingly aligned and the navigation needs to be intuitive.

3. Seamless checkout flow: One of the biggest inhibitors for converting traffic into sales is the checkout flow. Is the “Add to Cart” button prominent? Does your cart page allow modifications? Can the user checkout as a guest? Does the payment page look trustworthy? These are all questions that could be potential barriers for your customer to make a purchase.

Mobile Sites: The Bare Essentials

  1. A universal floating menu that can be accessed from anywhere in the site

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  1. Category hierarchy support

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  1. Filter & Sort in the category pages to enhance product discovery

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  1. Swipe-based image display on the product page

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  1. Clear CTA and Pricing below the product image

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  1. Consistent cart and checkout page

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Mobile is a very promising channel for growth in sales, but it is also challenging to build a site that addresses whimsical mobile shoppers. Zepo has partnered with MartMobi to provide mobile storefronts to its merchants. Sign ups are easy and merchants go live in less than a day on mobile.

Are you an online seller who wants a mobile site for your online store? Give Zepo a try and launch your online store with us now.


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Prashanth Varma

Prashanth Varma

Prashanth is a mobile evangelist and works hard to drive home the point. He is a compulsive traveler and a rocker and uses that worldly wisdom to help customers sell more

  • Yes, any customers trying to open your website on mobile will be redirected to the mobile site. For a mobile app, it’s chargeable at Rs. 2000/month per platform, either iOS or Android.

    And as for the domain name, it’s included in the price of the Pro plan.

    • De Graphx

      Thanks for ur quick responses.

      • Anytime. Do let us know if we can be of any more help to you.

  • Hi,

    It’s included in the Zepo plan. You can ask your Account or Onboarding Manager for more details on how to integrate the same.

  • Hi Rishabh,

    You can have choose layout 5 for a mobile optimized store. For the mobile app, Martmobi is creating new layouts at this point. So the moment that is done, you can have a mobile app. Kindly share your details with us, so that our team can get in touch with you about the pricing. You can even call us on 9223583358 or email us at

  • Thanks Jitendra! Do keep dropping by.

  • Hi Jitendra,

    Glad you asked this question. We’re all geared up with the right arsenal for our store owners to enter the mobile revolution in full form.

    For starters, our Layout 5 is mobile optimized. Which means, every single store on the layout is equally brilliant when viewed on a mobile device. Hence, making sure that every hard-working entrepreneur doesn’t miss out on any sales, irrespective on what device the customer is using.

    Apart from this, we also offer Dedicated Mobile Sites and Native Android + iOS apps in tandem with our partners, MartMobi.

    And this is just the start. More awesome things will keep coming.