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10 Things We Wish Were Sold Online in India

When you sit at home on a lazy Sunday, or after a long day at work, don’t you crave for things that will make your life easier? Your mind swirls with thoughts with things that could just be delivered to your door step?  With the Ecommerce boom in India, a lot of those wishes are taken care of. But there are some things sold online in other countries which are still missing in ours!

So check out a list of cool things which we wish we could buy online in India.

1. Walky Shocky

Have smart phones with dumb batteries? Just walk and continue to talk!


electricity generating shoes

2. Baby Mop

It is high time Indian babies became a little useful! Let them clean their own shit.

baby mop

  1. Ab Hancer

Love your beer and want the chicks to Leer?

Ab hancer



4. Face Slimmer

Just look like a goldfish for 3 mins daily for a skinny chiselled face



5. Extendable Thumb

Bought a new Iphone 6 and trying to reach the other end? 

extendable thumb6. Roti Robot

Guys now you can throw out your wife’s dangerous rolling pin. Just add water and atta.

rotimatic7. Swim Mill

Another cool way to watch TV and  preparing to cross the English channel in the comfort of your living room.

swimmil8. Pseudo Beer Glass

No need to wash beer glasses till we get robotic maids.

beer can holder


9. Uranium Ore 

Get Superman powers without being Clark Kent!


uranium ore

10. The Thing that Must Not be Named

To drown the sorrow of not having any of the above sold online.

changed weed post

Even though the Ecommerce industry is increasing in India, there are a lot more things we wish were sold online in India. Can you think of something you really want?  Add them in the comments below!

Do you think that there are a lot of things missing in the Indian online industry? Instead of waiting for someone else, why not start selling them yourself? With Zepo, selling online has never been easier.

Yes, I’d Like to Sell Awesome Things Online Now

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Sam, is a part of the marketing team at Zepo. With a degree in biology, switching to Ecommerce writing was a good change from dissecting bugs in a laboratory. She enjoys dancing, travelling, good food and meeting new people.