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Why We Love These Google Tools (And You Should, Too!)

Google offers business productivity tools which is reckoned as Google Apps for Business that integrates a variety of collaboration software tools for data management and communication
In this article, I will share my views about different Google products which can help you in your online business.

Essential Google Products:

  1.  Google Webmaster Tool:
    This tool is the true blessing for a webmaster to understand the Google crawler behavior for their websites. Google webmaster tool will give you an alert if they find any issues while crawling a website and will also suggest best possible solution. When used in search engine marketing perspective, the Google Webmaster Tool allows webmaster to filter out top keywords that helps bringing traffic. It further, also helps webmasters to keep their eyes on new and existing backlinks.

    gogole webmaster tool

    Google Webmaster Dashboard


  2. Google Analytics For Ecommerce:
     Earning a considerable chunk of the market has got harder with increasing competition and more exposure to global brands.However, Google Analytics offers itself as a platform that will help use transaction-related data to be put into value maximization, traffic maximization and revenue generation for businesses. Analytics helps measure bounce rates and other important customer behavior on specific websites, promoting a more strategic marketing.Below example shows the traffic of a particular month along with sessions, total number of users, bounce rate analytics
    One of the most handy features of Google Analytics is the Ecommerce Tracking functionality.Essential Google AppsAnalytics are the best way to gauge the source of traffic to your website and know exactly which source is giving the most number of converstions.
  3. Google Adwords:
    Google Adwords is world’s #1 platform for paid advertisement. By promoting your business with paid advertisement through Google adwords, you can attract quality leads to your business website and can increase both traffic and potential customer for revenue generation. Further, businesses can work upon a wide range of budget from $10 a day to $5000 a day depending upon their market reach. Apart from being cost effective Google Adwords has the distinction of being measurable, relevant, highly targeted and a prime tool for remarketing. It is very easy to create your first Google adword campaign without hiring a professional.
  4. Google Adwords Express: This is a simpler version of Google adwords and specially designed for businesses with minimum requirements. It is best suited for local businesses.
    Essential Google Tools

    Google Adwords Express For Small Businesses | (Image Source: Google Adwords Express)



  5. Google Places for Business:
    This product is true blessing for businesses operating offline. It allows offline businesses to create their free listing by including their business locations and services. Your customers can directly locate your business through Google local search and can add their reviews too. So whenever any customer needs local business information, they can easily brows listing with business info, reviews, map location, contact details as well as Google plus page.  Here is the brief example of Google places for business – On Google I searched “photography services” .Once you registered your business on Google My Business customers can easily find you from their smart phones, pad or laptop to reach out your business.

    Essential Googel Tools

    Google For Businesses | (Image Source: Google Search)


  6. Mobile Friendly Test :
    Google recently updated their Search Engine ranking algorithm, making mobile friendly websites to ranked higher in the search engine rankings. You can use this simple tool to run an analysis for your website.

    Essential Google Tools

    The Google Mobile Friendly Test



  7. Google Alerts and Trends:
    An intuitive tool to gauge competitor behavior, Google Alerts and Trends send you regular notification of every strategic move your competitor makes. Using Google Trends tool business owners can understand what customers like in particular time period by regional interest.
    If you own any eCommerce business then you have to understand or analyze in which period of time customers do online shopping most. Below example shows customers loves to do online shopping most during December month because of holidays season so in this time period lots of e-commerce business provide huge discount offers to customers.

    google trend report

    Analysis of Customer Interest Over Time



  8. YouTube:
    Many businesses, especially retail and service industries have been using YouTube as an interactive video marketing platform. It offers a unique opportunity for brands to share their voice through visual presentation and can also boost their reach by running YouTube paid video ad formats.

    Essential Google Tools

    YouTube For Video Ads For Your Business (Image Source: Google)

    To an e-commerce player YouTube gives an unique opportunity of creating content for your blog audience. Many ecommerce entrepreneurs from the fashion and lifestyle segment have successfully used YouTube to create videos and set themselves apart as influencers. Later on the same set of followers are the first customers.

    Essential Google Tools

    Youtube for Video Ads and Video Content ( Image Source: YouTube)


  9. Google Adsense:
    The magic of Google Adsense is that it can actually become a second source of revenue for you.As we see today many entrepreneurs maintain a regular blog around their products. One can monetize the ad spaces on the blog and earn some revenue easily.

    Essential Google Tools

    Google Adsense to Monetize Your Website ( Image Source: Google Adsense)


    Other Google Apps for Businesses:
    Essential Google Tools

    Other very popular tools which are worth a look for their ease of use and cross platform availability are:

    Gmail – A hosted email service.
    Hangouts – Lets you communicate across teams and conduct video calls and chats.
    Google Calender – To keep cross team communications and meetings etc synced.
    Google Plus – A popular social platform that adds a touch of professionalism. This platform can help your business to reach out target customers online.
    Google Drive: To store all your data on the cloud and access it on the go.
    Google Collaborate– Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides all at one place. Helps you carry all your documents even in your hand-held device.

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