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8 Ways to Use Instagram to Get Sales For Your Online Store

A quick fact :
Posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement than those without.” – Wishpond
In fact 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.


How to Sell Through Instagram 10

As an experiment we just made a small visual for the fact we just stated in the second line of the blogpost. It is open to your feedback which format caught your attention. We did nothing but put the same information in the form of a visually attractive piece of graphic.

Visuals and short messages are the very reason why mobile and internet users love Instagram. In January,2015 Instagram announced that 300 million people use the app every year. Making it bigger than Twitter. Now that makes it a platform you as a seller just can’t ignore. There are a few more reasons why you can’t ignore Instagram as a medium to reach out to customers.

How to Sell Through Instagram 09

Instagram Facts that you cannot ignore

So when it comes down to building up your Instagram presence how can you start off?
In this blog post we give you 7 steps to pump up the game when it comes to building your brand’s presence on Instagram.

1. Decide the Lifestyle segment which you are targeting :

How to Sell Through Instagram 08

Identify the market segment you are jumping into

Is it fitness? Is it shoes? Is it coffee mugs or is it cool DIY projects? It is very essential to identify your market to reach out to potential customers.

2. Do a hashtag analysis:

Hashtags are one of coolest things about instagram. It lets you group and post your pictures amongst thousands of others in a thread of your choice. Analyse your audience to know which are the common hashtags popular among them. Iconosquare is one such tool to search hashtags based on keywords.

Everyone who posts or follows these hashtags are a potential audience for you. Thus you can define your target audience. Nike encourages its audience to post pictures using the hashtag #JustDoIt

How to Sell Through Instagram 07

Do a Hashtag Analysis for the hashtag that you want to promote


3. Complete your own profile and share your interests:

This is one of the most crucial steps and this is where you can connect with your audience in a more personal way by sharing your interests. You can also share links of your blog and other social accounts.

How to Sell Through Instagram 06

Have a completed profile which reflects your brand personality

4. Start Promoting Your Products:
Start sharing good quality product images with your fans along with relevant hastags.
Make sure to time your sharing in periods which are found to have the best engagement rates during the day. You can try the 8.00PM to 11.00PM timings. Keep experimenting with the posting times.

How to Sell Through Instagram 05

Start Showcasing your Exciting Products.


5. Promote a hashtag:
Now that you have established what your brand stands for, start promoting a hashtag.
For example: French sportsgear maker Decathlon  which entered the Indian market in 2009 promotes the hashtags like #TrekkingIsLife.

How to Sell Through Instagram 04

Curate content for a particular hashtag

6. Work Towards Attracting Your Competitor’s followers:
You can use this cool service called Crowdfire to find your competitor’s audiences and engaging with them by liking or commenting on their photographs.

How to Sell Through Instagram 03

For Example: If I am an online store selling fitness products, I would search for Nike and “Copy” its followers to get in touch with all fitness freaks out there.  Then I would reach out to some of them and suggest them to try out the latest nutrition products which I am selling.

7. Reach out to Influencers:
Every segment has influencers. For example, if you are an organic product seller, a single Instagram post by a popular fitness blogger mentioning your product, may result in a barrage of traffic from people interested in healthy eating and living.
Reach out to such influencers via email or a comment if they would like to try out your product and write a product review.

How to Sell Through Instagram 02

Get reviewed

8. Push Out Your Latest Offers:
We know as an ecommerce seller your time is precious. You can do a million things which MIGHT get you sales at the end of the day. But YOU on the other hand have been spending your valuable time to work on promoting your brand on Instagram. So we understand that this channel must give you sales at the end of the day.

How to Sell Through Instagram 01

Make a Sale!

To convert your Instagram followers to finally make a purchase, one of the strategies which has been known to work for brands is creating a sense of Urgency. Urgency can be of 3 types:

  1. Time – “Hurry Up!! Last two days of Offer!”
  2. Limited supplies- “Hurry Up! Stocks running out like chocolate cakes!”
  3. Offer added benefits- “Get CCD coupons free with every recharge of 100Rs!!”

See how Cup Cakes and Closet got their customers interested in buying their cool mobile covers with this Instagram post.

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