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What Exact Documents Do You Need to Sell on Indian Marketplaces?


Dear Seller,

We know that by now a million people have told you that if you are still selling out of a traditional brick and mortar store you should consider selling online.
By now a million people have told you that there are close to 4.5 Crore people are looking to buy things online.
By now a million people have told you that the best way to start off is having your own brand store like or

You must have also been told that to increase your sales and revenue you should sell on Indian marketplaces. So what would different are we going to tell you in this post?

By the end of this post you would be clear about one thing and that is :

What exact documents and formalities are required if you want to sell on the most popular Indian marketplaces right now.

So what are marketplaces?
Compare marketplace to a mall. It is a one stop website/shop which holds and hosts products from a multitude of vendors/brands for each and every category of products. So if you are searching for blue denims. You will get the option to buy blue denims from Freeculture, Levi’s, Wrangler or even from YourAmazingBrand! Its an equal playing ground where each seller is charged the same commission and each seller is exposed to the same amount of traffic hitting the website.

What are the most popular Marketplaces?
In India right now there are about 10 marketplaces which are very popular:

  • Flipkart
  • Amazon
  • Snapdeal
  • Jabong
  • Fashionara
  • Shopclues
  • Indiatimes Shopping
  • Paytm
  • Myntra
  • Tradus

Documents required for Marketplace Selling

Why exactly should you sell on Indian marketplaces?

  • You don’t have to worry about marketing to get traffic.
  • An opportunity to reach nationwide audience.
  • You can test the commercial viability of your products.

Now comes the question,

How Exactly Do You Start Selling on These Platforms?
The simple answer is you need to get registered as a seller on them. Easier said than done!
One needs to knock the doors of each and every marketplace to get the requirements list and then put everything in place so that you are ready to sell on marketplaces.

How do you do that? What exact documents are required?
That is exactly where we thought we can help you. Check out the infograph below and find the exact requirements for each of these marketplaces. Majorly all marketplaces require the VAT/CST Documents and PAN card copies. But each marketplaces have their specific requirements. Go ahead to check in detail.

How Do We Help You Get Registered on These Marketplaces?
At Zepo we believe that online marletplaces can be a great way to increase sales and also make users aware about your brand. Online shoppers often come searching for the original brand store once they are happy and satisfied with their purchase. End of the day your brand store gets more traffic. Stroke of genius. Isn’t it?!

At Zepo we have started helping sellers get listed and start selling on marketplaces. With Zepo, you can get your products listed on the following marketplaces:
Flipkart  | Snapdeal | Amazon | Fashionara | Shopclues | Indiatimes Shopping |PayTM.

We help you to :
1. Get your business registered.
2. Complete your marketplace registration in 7 days with ease.
3. Get your products uploaded within 14-21 days (depending on products).
4. And ultimately. Start Selling!
All for as little as Rs 100/product!

Click HERE if you want to start selling on all the above marketplaces in 21 Days.


At Zepo, we know all about Selling Online – on a website or a marketplace.
Try Zepo and start Selling Online Today!!

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