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10 online stores you would regret not knowing about earlier

While Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal are the few names that comes to our head whenever we think of online shopping, there are multiple stores on internet who despite having great products continue to be alien to us. And then we are accidentally introduced to them and end up uttering ‘wow’ or “whata..” or “how” or some of the similar exclamatory responses.  

We curated a list of 10 such Indian online stores who although having a great product line and doing good business have been stranger to us. Check them out:

1. ChotuChaiwala

The store was launched by Zepo aiming to facilitate the ‘Chaiwallahs’ of Mumbai, who constantly fuel the city with their ‘cutting tea’, with a power to sell online. Based on a subscription model with the prices starting from INR 70 a week, the site has so far sold 10,000 cups of tea in the Bandra region where it is piloted.


2. Footsy

Only socks. Yes, this store sells only socks and the variants of it. And if you happen to give some attention to their blog and ‘about us’ page then you might for a moment consider socks as the next critical thing in life after food, water and air.


3. Spicebox

While in the previous case it was Chaiwallahs who went online, in this case the bar has been raised it is ‘tiffinwallah’ who has gone online. Yeah, singular. And the store is said to have raked in 14 Cr as revenue in last fiscal year, a figure tempting enough to make you think about your career choices. The service is available on subscription basis currently only in Mumbai and delivery is taken care by none other than world famous fail-proof ‘dabbawallahs’.


4. Imbesharam

With more than 2.5 lacs likes on Facebook I understand that this name doesn’t qualify to be on the list but yet I am yet including it for those souls who don’t know about it or just pretend to do so. This site offers adult lifestyle products and it might not raise eyebrows because there are already too many players in this segment. What makes it out-of-the-crowd is its branded Sunny Leonne ‘s collection, who is also the face of the store. What do we mean by branded? Please guess or check out yourself.  



5. Shubhpuja

The banner on the homepage of this website states “connecting to god in one click”. And if that is not sufficient, this website also lets you buy funeral items and pre-book the priest in advance, just in case you are step away from reaching him.

The store had been in the news for letting people book priests online during the charged wedding season. A disruption through technology in a total orthodox sector. What do you think?  



6. Those5days

Those 5 days here are referring to the time when ladies undergo their period. Certainly, no award for guessing what they sell. But you have to acknowledge that the name of the store couldn’t have been more apt.



7. Notarymama

While we all must have experienced at least once the not-so-pleasurable of standing in hours for the affidavit, bonds, agreements etc, there is this store lets you buy legal document online and deliver it to your doorstep.   


8. Giskaa

This store offers authentic items of the most undiscovered region of India- the Northeast. And when it says authentic it means that it is not a “reseller or dealer or sourcing agency, just buying items from stores and reselling them”. This store sources items directly from the artisans and craftsmen on ground, so whether you buy food, beverages, home decor, apparels or even musical instruments from them you can confidently say that you are holding the real thing.


9. Junglejewels

Ever heard of the ornaments made from the natural seeds and plant materials? Well, those were what used to be known as jewelries until they hadn’t discovered diamond, gold, platinum and stuff like them.

Now, when half of the world populace is fancying about the ring worn by Beyonce in her last red carpet stint, those jungle ornaments used to be exhibited by Royals some 2000 years ago. But gradually they were pushed to extinction until these people started making them again and created this store to sell them online.


10. Knifeindia

This store sells only knives, whatever type you say it- kitchen knives, survival knives, pen knives, neck knives, pocket knives- whatever kind with which you intend to make your life easy or someone’s life miserable. The store is run by Windlass which claims to be largest sword manufacturer in the world and the variety of products on their store certainly testifies it. Some are so exquisite that it would actually tempt you to try stabbing someone. But then the store can only guarantee the product, not the prison term.

Surprisingly, they also have a Father’s day category. My only question is “Who and why?”


Well, there might be 10 other stores who deserve to be on the list and we could have missed. Please let us know in the comment box if you know one or if you disagree with the current listing.

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