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Zepo partnered with Apptuse to let its store owners launch their own app

The rising penetration of internet and exponential increase in the number of smartphone users, courtesy affordable costing, has given immense boost to the mobile commerce segment. Almost every major e-commerce player has acknowledged the rising potential of m-commerce and they are constantly trying to lure the mobile traffic to their app with cutthroat deals. Giant fashion e-tailer Myntra even banished its desktop site and transitioned to app-only store.

However, creating an app is a capital intensive business which deterred SMBs, which comprise major chunk of Zepo’s clientele, from launching their app. However, to counter this issue, Zepo has now partnered with Apptuse- a m-commerce firm.

With the latest development, any store owner at Zepo would be able to create an app for his e-commerce store using a CMS provided by Apptuse. The CMS would be highly user friendly and available at moderate pricing thereby making it easy and financially feasible for its clients to design and launch their own app for their store. Further, this service is available on subscription basis, so likewise Zepo a user can have his store on app for as long as he wants.

Currently, an average store owner may require a 3 to 10 days for his app to go live and team across engineering from both the teams are working towards making it easy for users to transition to the app.

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