Selling on marketplaces made super-easy for Zepo store owners

Regardless of what your product is, selling on online marketplaces is being looked as one of the easiest and convenient way to multiply your revenue. Zepo has always encouraged its store owners to list their products on marketplaces, apart from their own store, as it renders them the following advantages:
1.  Large customer base
These marketplaces witness regular traffic of millions of shoppers. If the stiff competition from other sellers is to be ignored then listing on marketplaces gives you the opportunity to reach out to a truly large audience.
2.  Marketplace infrastructure
Marketplaces also extend the facility of payment gateways, logistics and packaging (in most cases), which are too difficult and handle alone, leaving you only with the concern of product.
3.  Size becomes irrelevant
Regardless of whether you are normal or a hotshot retailer, similar to selling on an online store, while selling on marketplaces your size becomes totally irrelevant. All you require is wonderful product and control over your inventory.
However, selling on a single marketplace is okay but selling on multiple ones requires manually managing inventory and orders in all of them making it a tedious task. Invoicing, labeling, shipping, tracking etc further adds to the tediousness discouraging store owners who find it cumbersome to list their business on marketplaces.
However, in order to make selling on marketplaces simple for its store owners Zepo has forged a partnership with Unicommerce. The company offer multi channel order and inventory management software and has integrated with Zepo’s platform. With this development, Zepo store owners would be able to manage their orders and inventory on marketplaces from a centralized platform, freeing them from all the hassles that they faced earlier.
The feature is available in the form of two plans for Zepo store owners: Light and Standard

Plan Comparison
Features Light(Free on Basic, Starter, Pro plan) Standard(Free on Unlimited Plan)
Number of marketplaces 6 15+
Bulk order processing Yes Yes
Inventory Manual allocation Centralized  inventory
Auto Tax calculations No Yes
Tally/Busy/Login integration No Yes
Auto shipment tracking (self shipment) No Yes
Charges Free INR 2/order

As already stated in the table, Light plan is free on purchase of Basic, Starter and Pro plan of Zepo, while Standard is free on Unlimited.
Further as an introductory offer, charges on standard plan have been brought down to INR 1.25 per order until July. Also every Unlimited plan buyer would be given an additional 5000 credits in their package for free.

If you too wish to sell on marketplaces, or, already selling on it and wish to simplify the process, then Zepo can be your savior!

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