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Zepo inked partnership with Shopo- a mobile marketplace

Courtesy the rising affordability of internet and smartphones, the relevance of mobile commerce(m-commerce) has visibly increased in the commerce and retail landscape. Infact, earlier it was only Myntra, now even Flipkart announced its intent to scrap its desktop website and go out-and-out app only store. Businesses from even other domains, right from restaurants to even next door salons, are adopting mobile websites and apps to help their business, thereby testifying the rising inclination of online shoppers towards mobile devices.

However, although the number of mobile shoppers is growing at an exponential pace the number of desktop shoppers is not getting close to zero anytime soon. So, as much as the decision of Flipkart to transition of app only store, like Myntra, may sound ridiculous to its desktop-loyal customers, Snapdeal is playing a different game here. Snapdeal, the second largest e-tailer of India, second only to Flipkart is playing a safe game with its latest launch Shopo.

What is Shopo?

Shopo is a zero commission marketplaces where you can list your products without requiring to pay any charges and tender any documentation like VAT, TIN, SLA etc. The whole marketplace is based on an app and buyer can chat, sell and buy the product from seller at his own ease and agreeable price. Buyers and sellers have to take care of invoicing, logistics, payment method and related services themselves as Shopo is only responsible for listing. It works on a fairly similar model as the classifieds website except that apart from other differences it works totally on mobile devices.


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With the emergence of multiple avenues on internet to sell your products, sellers have the challenge or we may say opportunity to look beyond a single channel to reach out to their customers.

Thus, Zepo has ever encouraged its store owners to expand their focus above and beyond their online store to boost their sales. However as much as selling on multiple channels is imperative, it is not free from its own set of hassles like listing, order management, product management etc. Zepo with these partnerships enable a cross functional medium with which you can sell on your own store and multiple channels in a relatively easier way. Its latest partnership with Unicommerce to facilitate selling on multiple marketplaces from a centralized platform testifies the same

As an e-commerce firm helping Indian SMBs, the interest of Zepo lies in making selling easier for its target audience, be it on their own store or other channels. Shopo brings with it a powerful backup and e-commerce expertise and is surely going to impact online selling in India. Partnering with Shopo, Zepo would avail the dual benefits of easily selling on an online store and marketplace.


With Zepo you can easily sell on your own store and multiple marketplaces such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, of course Shopo, and many more like them.

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