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Why your Facebook page reach is dying and how to revive it?

Of late have you observed that your Facebook page reach is declining drastically? Your followers complain that they don’t get to see your posts in their feed? You are posting a lot of content, buying Facebook ads and promoting content yet nothing seems to work?

Welcome to the advanced world of Facebook marketing.

Last year Facebook made some changes in their algorithm which resulted in a fall in organic reach by 16%. Now what is organic reach? It is a term associated with the non-paid content that you see on your newsfeed from the pages. That means when you post something without promoting it, then how many people are able to see it.  Now this means for every 100 people that follow you only 16 people see the posts. Now further changes in the algorithm have lowered the organic reach to less than 5%. Facebook is very upfront about their take on this and also their decision to decrease organic search results.
Facebook is now looking forward to generate revenue with the help of promoted posts. Yes you got me right, the free lunch is over. Now to get people to see your posts will require you to invest into paid advertisements.

So the deal is you can promote your posts over Facebook so that your followers are able to see it but the catch is, this feature is only available for pages with over 100 followers (after the update, it started with 400 likes). Even initially none of your posts were seen by 100%. Facebook’s claims that their aim is to improve the quality and relevancy of news feed content. Under the “pay-to-play” model companies that have already paid to get their audience through page Likes now must pay again in order to reach that audience.

For those companies with large fan bases and big ad budgets this means Facebook will become a necessary evil, but for everyone else, including small business owners, the question remains is this worth the investment?

You need to chalk out your budget and be prepared that the investments might also not work in your favor. But that does not mean that Facebook has no use at all. It can still be used as a marketing resource by you if you make some smart moves.

How can you revive your Facebook page reach?

1. Work on your content- Content is the king!

The best and the most effective way is to build up content that attracts people, shares good knowledge and is easy to relate to.Make sure your posts just do not seem like advertisements. The more a post gets likes and shares the more will your organic reach increase.

2. Ask for followers to sign up for updates

Once you convince people that your posts are something they can look forward to or your products are something that are very alluring you can ask them to use the subscribe and get updates option. Unless what you offer them is something what they are looking for, you should know that they won’t take the effort to do the task.

Ask people to "Get Notifications"

Ask people to “Get Notifications”

3. Invest a little money into promoted posts

You can try putting a few of your most enticing products on promoted ads and see if it works for you. Promoting every post will be very expensive but you should not shun a possibility even without trying it.

4. Try experimenting with the type of content

If you have always been posting pictures, try using videos or try updating your page more regularly. The time at which you post, finding the peak hours and also the highest traffic sources is also important.

5. Facebook groups- The targeted audience

Although the Facebook Newsfeed is restricted, you can still use various Facebook groups as a targeted marketing strategy. Post about your products in various groups that have similar interests as the products you are selling. For example if you sell apparels you can post in various shopping groups. These groups have people who are looking forward to buy thus can provide good leads without any investment.

6. Try making your posts more mobile oriented

Most of the users (ideally 80%) use Facebook via their mobile, so posting links and website pages that are mobile responsive will help you get better traction. Or else people who visit the website will also end up going back seeing the unresponsive page.

Above all if still so many efforts are not giving you any traction, then you can move onto other places that might work better for you for example Google+, Pinterest or Instagram. It is okay to have a brand presence over Facebook but you should necessarily not sweat over it because as I said before if you want high traffic on Facebook, be ready to burn a hole in your pocket.

Have you noticed any changes on your Facebook page? Is Facebook still working for you?
If yes, how? Let us know.

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Divya Sharma Dixit

Divya Sharma Dixit

Divya Sharma Dixit: Electronics and Communication Graduate bitten by the StartUp Bug.
From being an Engineer to a Journalist to Business Development officer and now Marketing, she always is on her toes. She takes life as it comes.
Writing is her mode of relaxation.
Pretty active on Social Media, be it Facebook or Quora.

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  • alakesh


    that’s a great resource. this topic is trending everywhere. I too personally got the experience.
    i was new to fb advertising and tested 2 days with an ad for my coupon blog and unfortunately, did not get valuable result. might be my budget was low.

    I am going to experimenting again with some new tactics and will let you all know the result. thanks… have a great time. 🙂

    • Hi Alakesh

      Would love to know how it goes for you.

  • Hi Anshul,

    Thank you so much for the feedback over the blog.

    You are absolutely correct in stating that what we meant is organic reach and not organic search on the platform of Facebook. Thank you for pointing that out and the necessary changes have been made.

    However when it comes to promoting of posts, I am afraid that the Facebook Guidelines have started this feature for pages that have likes over 400. Facebook has tried bringing it down to 100 in recent times. Below that number you cannot promote your posts.

    Lastly when we write that you can move onto other channels we are necessarily not insinuating the fact these channels can replace each other. What we wanted our users, that are small to medium business owners, to know is that they can still find other platforms that are still not generating revenue and can provide traction. Because every business owner cannot get the same return of investment from Facebook posts owing to the fact that they are new, not yet established and not yet ready to put in money recklessly. I hope that makes a little sense.

    Although we are grateful that you came forward with that response and helped us in sending the correct insights through our blog.

    • I’m glad you made the necessary changes for the first point and I agree to the last point. But your information about promotion being available only for pages with 400+ likes seems outdated. That used to be the case in 2012 when this feature was launched. There is no such limitation now.
      Sharing with you an example of a test page that I’m an admin of- it has 0 likes yet I can boost the post.

      • Hi Anshul,

        Have you tried using the feature. Coz for some of our test pages, even with the button on the functionality is not available. Here’s another article that confirms are doubt about a pre-requisite number of page likes:

        • Yes, I have used this feature multiple times in the past for a lot of pages. And I did it again today on the test page. As you can see in the screenshots, I was able to boost the post and it got approved even though the page has just 1 like.

          Reiterating what I said earlier, you can boost a post as long as the target audience size is >20. Only in cases when your ad copy violates Fb policies would your ad (i.e. boosted post) get rejected.

          • Hi Anshul,

            Thanks a tonne for this. It’ll definitely help our readers start promoting their pages from day 1. And it’s also a lesson learnt for us. 🙂

            Team Zepo

  • Ubaid Badshah

    Also The #hash-tag features brings in more visitors… Like you can use #zepo #e-commerce #onlineshopping #ootd #imageoftheday etc..

    • Those are some good pointers Ubaid. We, personally at Zepo, don’t use hashtags on Facebook. But it’s still worth a shot.