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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on How to Top the Seller Ratings on Indian Marketplaces

Selling on marketplaces has already become a highly competitive affair. Even after going through the whole process of registration , managing a mammoth task of cataloging and uploading all your products sales do not come automatically. Sounds like your story?

Well there can be a turnaround in your luck if you are featured as one of the top sellers. Achieving a top/recommended seller stature is again not an overnight task. A lot of contributing factors when taken care of gives you a chance of getting noticed as a trusted and preferred seller.

Often marketplaces rate a seller on these parameters  :

  1. Actual Item and Descriptions :
    > Be very detailed, pointwise and specific about the item descriptions.
    > If it is a new, refurbished, or Like new article – mention that clearly.
    > Multiple pictures from different angles are a sure shot way to make sure that there is clear understanding of the product.
    > Important information like size, weight, color should be clearly mentioned.
  2. Communication:
    >Specifically mentioning the returns policy, shipping options and payment options.
    >Politeness, courteousness and clear communication of what actions you are taking to mitigate any issues that may have cropped up will calm down even the most irritated of customers.
  3. Shipping Times:  
    > As much as possible ship items within a day after taking up handling time. Offer shipment tracking details to the customer as soon as possible
    > Offer free shipping as much as possible. Not only its a deal-clencher. It is a value add for the customer which might prompt him to rate you higher and in
    turn earn you good seller ratings.

Here are the top tips for earning a sweet place in the good books of the most profitable marketplaces :

1.   Answer all Email Messages from Buyers Within 24 hours :
Often customers have queries regarding the delivery options, timings, packaging etc. This is your first chance to make a very good impression with the customer
by providing a prompt reply to any questions that the buyer asks.

2.   Use Original Product Photographs:
Photographs on marketplaces are NOT for representation purposes! Use the exact product photos so that the customer doesn’t get a unpleasant surprise.

3.   Monitor your Listings for Accuracy:
The right product descriptions, the accurate availability, correct size charts or color and options availability all contribute towards the final satisfaction rates of
the customers.

4.   Update Your Inventory :
Keep a check on your inventory to avoid running out of stock on listed products. This may cause delay in shipping which leads to negative karma on the ratings

5.   Keeping the Buyer Updated on Shipping delays :
It can be extremely beneficial to track your shipment in transit and also keep the customer informed of any delays in delivery against the scheduled dates.

6.   Pack and Ship like You Mean it:
Use the right packaging materials, tamper proof secure outer packing, trackable logistics to send the goods. Damaged products might leads to returns which
instantly eats away a chunk of your good ratings.

7.   A Prominent Refund Policy and Prompt Refunds :
Same as a retail store, allow the customer to return their purchase if they are not satisfied with their purchase within a time frame. Mention your refund policy in
clear “no legal jargons” terms and display them prominently including the message that the customer is supposed to pay for the returns (in case it applies). Also
mention the expected closure of the process and the time frame by which the refund would be process either in cash, store credit or exchange.

8.  The Power of the Feedback Form:
Make sure that you send a neat , easy to fill feedback form. The timing is also important. The feedback email/ request should be sent within a day or two so that
the buyer actually takes the effort to give the feedback.

Indian e-commerce market is estimated to grow at a compounded annual rate (CAGR) of 63 percent to reach approx 54000 Crores in 2016 on the back of growth in the penetration levels of mobile and Internet and increased consumer demand. There has never been a better time to piggyback on the success of the marketplaces.

We at Zepo help you Sell on Marketplaces at a flat rate of Rs35/product/marketplace. This includes registration on marketplaces, listing and cataloging of all products.

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