Internet Neighborhoods: How Does Geofencing Work for eCommerce?

eCommerce accounts for 10% of annual consumer sales. For brands that run both online and brick-and-mortar operations, one of the key questions they have is how to grow their eCommerce business without making their in-person operations irrelevant.
The answer is to get both their online and physical sales-floors to work together. The best way to do that is via geofencing.
In this brief write-up, we answer the question of how does geofencing work; we let you know how it can boost your eCommerce business and much more!

What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing refers to a kind of marketing where you offer consumers deals based on how they’re interacting with your brick-and-mortar store. Offers are pushed directly to your customer’s mobile phones which they’re able to cash in on immediately.
Those timely offers will vastly improve your sales conversion rates.

How Does Geofencing Work?

In order for geofencing to work, it needs to be able to track a customer’s exact location in a store. These location services rely on a customer’s mobile device and a geofencing application that they’ve installed on it.
With the help of the geofencing application, when a customer crosses through certain barriers that have been set up in a geofence, their mobile phone triggers targeted offers.

What Does Any of This Have to Do with Ecommerce?

Geofencing is a term that’s used most commonly regarding offline buying. The truth is though; this marketing tool can also bolster online sales.
For example, your geofencing technology can give you data about what items in your store interested one of your customers based on how they browsed. Armed with that information, you can offer that customer coupons for the items that you suspect they were eyeing.
That coupon will then allow your customer to buy the said item directly from your website at the click of a button.
Data has a tremendous impact on your ability to market to customers online effectively. Geofencing adds a whole new layer to your data analytics which can give you an advantage over competitors.

How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic

One of the most critical components of E-commerce is attracting people towards your products to get more sales. Driving people towards your site is a challenging task, and most of the site owners usually couldn’t get successful in this task. Many strategies can help you in driving organic and natural traffic in your online stores. One of the most significant ways to grab the attention of the people is affecting eCommerce SEO. Search engine optimization is all about promoting your business, and different methods can be used for this purpose. You need to use appropriate keywords in your blog content. Another best way to get organic traffic for your site is by developing a network of internal links to assist Google in indexing your eCommerce website. The top position in the SERP can help to get more organic traffic on your online stores, and efficient eCommerce SEO is required for this purpose.

How Can You Get People to Opt-In?

One of the biggest barriers businesses face when implementing geofencing is getting consumers to opt-in. While there is no sure-fire way to get people to opt into your geofencing program, one of the best ways to raise your odds of participation is by issuing freebies.
Offering consumers a 20% off coupon for downloading your geofencing application or enabling geofencing in your existing store application will often get them to bite.

What’s Next?

If all of our “how does geofencing work” talk has you salivating, the implementation should be what’s on your mind.
To get started with geofencing, find a reputable technology company to help. Pick a company that not only deals in geofencing applications but also understands your industry.
You’re looking for more than just a company that provides technology solutions. You’re looking for a consultant that can build their product around your unique needs.

Wrapping up Our Brief Primer on Geofencing

Geofencing is a relatively new technology that can boost your eCommerce operation.
We hope that our “how does geofencing work” insight has piqued your interest and wish you the best in exploring its benefits!
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