Donation Ideas For Spring & Summer: 5 Great Ways For Your Business to Give Back This Season

Did you know that nearly 70 percent of millennials are reportedly willing to spend more with brands that support a cause?

As such, the social responsibility movement has organically and largely been driven by this generation and has created higher levels of brand loyalty.

There are many other reasons, however, for your business to consider charitable donations this upcoming season.

Companies that weave social responsibility into their business plans are known to have higher employee morale, receive tax benefits, and increased marketing opportunities.

Ready to reap the benefits of donating to charity as a business? Read on to learn a few simple donation ideas to give back to your collective community.

Donation Ideas for Businesses

As a business, it can be difficult to know exactly how or what to donate, and it is important to do so strategically.

Here are five options for charitable donations businesses can invest in.

1. Auction Donations

This classic option is surprisingly effective. By providing a tangible gift basket or product as part of an auction, you can easily get your business’s name out there.

Moreover, you know that the money made from the event will go to a great cause of your choice.

With plenty of nonprofits using this fundraising option due to its highly profitable nature, you shouldn’t have a shortage of options.

2. Food for a Cause

In the event that your company doesn’t have a product that is feasible to donate to an auction, you could consider sponsoring food for a charity event.

Even if you aren’t a restaurant, donating food can be a great way to advocate for your company.

Typically, you can request a “shoutout” whenever you donate food for an event, and nonprofit’s are more than happy to provide this key marketing opportunity.

3. Donate Volunteer Time

Charitable donations don’t always have to come in the form of a physical thing or monetary amount.

Sometimes the best gift you can give a cause is your time. Therefore, consider providing an incentive for employees to volunteer regularly, or sponsor an annual or biannual volunteer day.

4. Consider Strategic Gift Certificate’s

Gift certificates are the perfect way to gain a communities’ interest. Consider providing a few vouchers or coupons to a nonprofit or cause to use for their next fundraiser.

5. Employee’s Choice

One great opportunity to boost employee’s dedication to their job is to allow them to pick a charity of their choice for the company to donate to each week or month.

Donate to Charity, Benefit the Company

In implementing these donation ideas and giving to a cause, businesses are not only seen more favorably by consumers but they also gain a valuable marketing opportunity.

Moreover, there are plenty of options to donate products, food, and time to charities that make a big difference in the community as a whole.

Finally, social causes can also help boost morale and job satisfaction among employees. Social responsibility has become a key component in the overall success and profitability of a business.

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