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NB1. How has Zepo Logistics helped your business?
Zepo Logistics is the most optimized logistics solutions that we have used till date. From the variety of logistics partners, excellent technical support, the one click pick-up schedule feature to the easy billing and remittance process, they have the complete package.


2. How would you rate the platform on the basis of “Ease of Use”?
Zepo Logistics has automated all the processes possible, the best feature being the one that allows scheduling a pick-up in one click. It saves time, money and increases the productivity of our business. The platform is very easy to use and needs minimal work from the user’s end. Their tech-team also keeps on adding features over time which continually improves on the platform and in turn, our e-store.


3. Can you tell us how your experience has been with the support team of Zepo Logistics?
The support team of Zepo Logistics is top notch in the quality of service they provide. They are technically sound, very well versed in solving day to day issues and extremely professional in everything that they do. This is what truly makes them much better than their competitors.


4. Would you recommend the Zepo Logistics service to someone who know? If so which are the factors which would prompt you to do so?
Yes – we will definitely recommend Zepo Logistics to other businesses. Primary factors being: multiple courier partners, excellent support team, easy to use platform, continuously improving product and a strong technical team.


5. Would you like us to improve on any aspects?
Keep on innovating like always 🙂
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