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1. How has Zepo Logistics helped your business?
We were initially using the local shipping service as we had just started out and thought that it would help us cut our costs. However, we were wrong. The amount of time consumed in tracking the deliveries and the mental-stress of continuously communicating the same to our customers was very tiresome.
Shifting to Zepo Logistics helped us with two things:
1. Once the package is scheduled for a pick up, we do not have to worry about the delivery.
2. Shipping payments are made online so we don’t have to manage any paperwork for the shipping bills.

2. How would you rate the platform on the basis of “Ease of Use”-
We’d rate it 9 out of 10.

3. Can you tell us how your experience has been with the support team of Zepo Logistics?
It has been great so far. They are very helpful in terms of providing information that we require for smoothly managing our logistics in different parts of the country.
For example, we had an order from Uttar Pradesh and Form-27, which is a big hassle for deliveries in the state, was explained to us in detail by a logistics team member from ZEPO. This enabled us in providing a precise explanation to our client instead of a negative response.

4. Would you recommend the Zepo Logistics service to someone who know? If so which are the factors which would prompt you to do so?
1. Very helpful for new entrepreneurs.
2. Options for choosing from multiple service providers in a single click is the best thing.
3. Prompt services and fantastic customer support.

5. Would you like us to improve on any aspects?-
Economical pricing options for light weight shipments would be a great benefit.

Zepo powers  1700+ Online Stores. Take the 14-Day free trial with efficient logistical solutions.

Yes, I want optimized Logistical Solutions

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