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In Conversation With Mumbai’s Ecommerce Champions | Zepo Customer Success Meetup

The “Zepo Customer Success Meetup” was held on the 21st of May 2016. We were graciously met with a strong response from our clients. 22 of our customers came out to honor the cause by generously giving us their valuable time for a conversation over coffee.

The Zepo Customer Success event aimed to get together with our customers and connect with them face to face.

We encountered some amazing stories during the Customer Success Meetup, and got a little bit closer to knowing what drives the mind of an entrepreneur. It was an enlightening experience for us at Zepo because we rarely get such an opportunity to have an up, close and personal meeting with our clients.  Here’s an excerpt from our meet with 3 of Zepo’s clients. Read on to know a little bit about their story and their Zepo experience so far.  

1. The Clothing Rental : (Shilpa Bhatia)


Entrepreneur Shilpa started The Clothing Rental in 2005. Operating as an offline business for over 10 years, it has been recently taken Online with the help of Zepo since a year. The Clothing Rental is hugely popular among film and media professionals, and some of the top stylists and fashion designers swear by them.
Having dressed some of the best names in the country, The Clothing Rental stock some of the most exclusive outfits from the Hollywood and Bollywood circles. The USP is the concept of renting out clothes to paying customers from a huge collection.

Our interaction touched upon the following:

  • Marketing products via google ads. The Clothing Rental has been using the Facebook Carousel ads  to advertise their products. So we the Zepo CS team educated Shilpa about the benefits of using Google Product Ads.
  • Initiating Marketing Outreach. The Clothing Rental want to reach out to more people via a Marketing Outreach effort. Shilpa wishes to pull people to their brand as opposed to pitching their brand to people. Our team reassured her beliefs about the power of a proper outreach marketing effort through word of mouth marketing and third party recommendations. Getting into a partnerships with famous Influencer’s and bloggers pertaining to your specific industry can be thoroughly effective.
  • The Clothing Rental model is a relatively new concept to the market. So to help the website gain popularity, we suggested creating accounts on popular listing websites. This is a popular SEO method to gain back-links and leads from popular websites like Justdial etc.


Feedback from Shilpa:

  1. The back end of Zepo is very easy to use. Shilpa is happy that her staff finds it easy to upload products and create product pages.
  2. Shilpa is finding good traction and demand for their offerings from Tier-II cities. We are happy to provide the logistics support that is required to make it a feasible business expansion.


2. Fashion Cart India : (Mr. Indranil Sur)

Indranil Sur

Mr. Indranil Sur ‘s business venture was formerly known as Enhanz Solutions, and it was conducting business offline in Mumbai. His venture dealt in a wide variety of branded ethnic clothing for women. Indranil was also selling his products from a WordPress website at one point of time.

Indranil dabbled in various forms of online selling platforms to try and get an understanding of this new phenomenon. Sensing a shift in global shopping trends, he thought of owning his own Online Shopping portal. Indranil migrated to Zepo after hearing good reviews from a retailer. His online store took the form of, and it features branded ethnic wear inspired from the latest in fashion for women.

Some of the aspects discussed were:

  • Increasing overall Sales. Indranil was fairly vocal about increasing sales. His view was centered around maximizing sales figures organically by increasing volumes rather than increasing the amount of each transaction.
  • Discussing the best possible marketing strategy for his website. Indranil’s business was facing a dip in sales, and he wished to counter it with a refreshed marketing strategy.
  • He was selling Internationally through eBay with relative success. According to Indranil, he had witnessed an active demand for his products with people abroad. He wished to make his offerings equally attractive in India.


Feedback from Indranil:

  • Indranil was very satisfied with Zepo and its services and found the platform to be very user friendly.
  • Impressed with the pin-code serviceability of Zepo, Indranil found this feature to be unique in the market, and only available with Zepo.
  • Indranil disliked the seller rating concept at Marketplaces and maintaining a good rating was proving to be very tiring.
  • Indranil found the listing process for his products based on their specification on Online Marketplaces to be cumbersome. Overall, he found it easier to sell online on his own website, as compared to Online Marketplaces.


3. Essence Of India : (Vikram Solanki)


Having been a part of Zepo for the past 15 months, we were really looking forward to hearing about his experience. Mr. Vikram Solanki had decided to start his own venture of selling clothes along with his wife. After long hours of speculation and equally intense brainstorming sessions, they decided on setting up their own online store.
Their idea was to have a single platform to showcase their entire product portfolio, which was carefully curated after developing a strong network of contacts in the fabric and clothing business. Thus, their website was born. Their product category includes Saris, Carpets, Jewellery, Fabric and a lot more. All the products are sourced from master craftsmen, weavers and talented artisans from all over India.

Our conversation mainly revolved around:

  • Discussing the best marketing strategy for EssenceofIndia. The primary motive was to choose the most suitable strategy with which Vikram could inform and influence his target audience. Our team advised Vikram to connect to fashion bloggers and fashion industry influencers for strategic associations.
  • Concerns about increasing the sales. With Vikram’s current business proposition, he wanted to exploit ways by which he could extract maximum sales without any additional efforts.   
  • Reducing bounce rates was another one of his concerns. Making visitors stick around for longer on Vikram’s website would theoretically increase the chance of a sale happening.
  • Increasing the customer reach. Vikram was inspired to find new ways by which he could get more site visitors.


  • Although initially Skeptical, he found the platform to be very easy to use with time.
  • He was also satisfied with the support at Zepo’s end, finding the support team to be helpful. He was equally impressed with the response time of our team.  
  • He expressed the need for further Website Optimization to move from the level of client satisfaction to delight.


It was an amazing experience to know our clients up, close and personal and understand them better. We hope you enjoyed reading about these inspiring souls making their entrepreneurship dreams come true.


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