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SEO Ranking- 5 Unique Ways To Maintain It

After months and months of hard-work, you notice your SEO ranking has finally improved, yet, you are afraid that this might just be ephemeral? Well, yes! That’s the bitter truth.
SEO rankings of a site are way too grounded on the way you treat it! SEO rankings are like guests who visit your home. As in, the more hospitable you are, the more they are inclined to treat you with respect and maintain a cordial relationship. Therefore, it’s just not important to simply ESTABLISH your SEO ranking but to MAINTAIN it too. Thus, here are 5 unique ways to help you maintain it – in other words, let’s learn to shower some hospitality to Google!

1. Constant Updates to Maintain SEO Ranking

How to maintain SEO- updating content
Unfortunately, not many companies/brands realize that Google actually pays attention to both your content quality and your content’s freshness! Therefore, many fail to recognize the importance of updating existing content. This means, the longer your content remains untouched, the more outdated it becomes.. Therefore, Google declines its inclination towards your content and questions its relevancy! After all, if your guests are being served with uncooked, undernourished food – do you really think they would be interested in being friends with you?! Likewise, Google has a problem with your hospitality too!


2 Optimize Your Site To Increase Loading Speed

Hah! This is quite intuitive. Let take for instance that you have been working really hard to cook the best meal possible for your guests. You end up researching numerous recipes and come up with dishes that you are sure your guest would love to hog. Yet, you fail to serve it on time! You’ve indulged too much in your cooking that you fail to acknowledge your guests who are awaiting your presence! This, my friend, is exactly what bounce rate is all about. Your guest are your site visitors, your recipe is your website, your failure to serve on time is “minimal loading speed” and your guests leaving is your bounce rate!

To maintain keyword ranking for all favorable keywords, your inbound links ought to be increased too.

The importance of optimizing your website is far more crucial than you could think off. It’s a mandatory procedure as Google takes into account your website’s loading speed. Furthermore, an unique user’s attention span is closely between1 4-5 seconds and if you are not going to make an impression within these few seconds then your efforts are in vain! Thus, it’s mandatory that you take some time to optimize your images and make your content crisp and to the point! This is not all though, you can try these ways to make your site load speed fast too!

  • Switch to a faster and a much more reliable hosting service!
  • Image compression/Using smaller image files : One way to do it is to Use Save for Web option in Photoshop- It reduces file size but retains quality for web publishing.  

Crisp concise content (in the head slider!) to keep your users attentive enough till the page is loaded.

3. Backlinks

All right. This is a bit tricky to explain using our standard example but let me give it a shot. Often marketers fail to realize that backlinks are an important means of maintaining your SEO Ranking.

Let me explain…
Imagine your guests have already heard about your reputation for preparing mouth-watering dishes through mutual sources? Isn’t that going to make your comfort level easier?! That’s precisely what backlinks are all about! You create a niche for your users who visit you. You build a reputation by sharing amazing things about your site in other platforms/sources. This leaves users with a curiosity to visit your site.

Thus, when they are welcomed into your site from other sources, you site’s ranking is increased. In fact, Google has the habit of ranking a website based on what other sites think about you! So when a conventionally popular, high-ranked website is giving you credit for your expertise – Google is impressed!

4. Outbound  Inbound Links and Cross Linking:

This interesting counter-intuitive theory is an extremely important funda, just like that of backlinks.  Let me move back to my classic example to explain further!

You are hell bent in providing a hospitable environment to your guest and to make them feel at home. But, do you really think cooking is the only way to make them comfortable and feel at ease? No, right? True hospitality lies in the way you greet them, you talk to them, and in the way you value them – thus, your house, your environment, your greetings everything matters. Link building is quite similar too. You don’t just bombard your guest with a colorful, crisp, fast-loading site but you show them that your site is hospitable and capable of their time in all aspects. You take time to not rank just one keyword – like “cooking” but for all keywords – like “home”, “environment”, “greetings” etc. Get the point?

To maintain keyword ranking for all favorable keywords, your inbound links ought to be increased too. This means, you ought to take your user around to different pages of your site by cross-linking them. This is more on lines of showing your home to your guests. You take them around, show your hall, kitchen, dining, bedrooms and your porch…Get what I mean? That’s what you do with your site too! YOU TAKE THEM AROUND.

Similarly, you give credit to some information with outbound links! Since the whole digital world is built on sharing and co-sharing data, it’s crucial to credit those from whom you took the data from! I mean, if you have a beautiful wall painting that just highlights your living room and your guests are super impressed with it – you go ahead, explain the painting to them and tell them where you purchased it from! That’s precisely what outbound links are too – to give credits. Google values honesty, my friend!

Naive digital marketers sometimes refuse to oblige the importance of outbound links. Quite honestly, I did too – in the beginning of my career, of course! I mean, why do we have to credit someone else for our hard-work, right?  But, I am afraid Google doesn’t look at it the same way. In fact, what I have learnt and observed over the years is that external links passes more credibility to Google’s search engine and adds value your site by considering it as a “third party vote” than internal linking. They are indeed an imperative resource for influencing your ranking power on the search engine.  

Having said that, it’s also important to not overdo your outbound links.  Play safe and link to few blogs with a formidable page authority or domain authority. Most  importantly, link only to those blogs who have a certain quality of information with respect to their content. For eg – To refer a popular wizard in any given field, you could simply give in his/her Wikipedia link or perhaps their official webpage. That way, when you give your “third party outlink vote” to a much higher ranked page, Google recognizes you.

5. Social Media

The impact of social media to influence your SEO Ranking is still something of an ambiguity. Many social brands (Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn, Instagram) have higher rate to build authority with Google.

Hmmmmm, lets say this is quite similar on the lines where your in-laws speak proudly about your hospitality to your guests! A guarded statement, a trust that has been build and nourished for a long period of time, but, when spoken aloud means a lot – that’s precisely the kind of authority social media has on your reputation too!Domino’s started an interactive campaign on “social media” where customers could tweet or send a ”pizza” emoji text to indicate an order. A single icon and your order is taken! Cool isn’t it? This campaign earned Domino’s the Cannes Titanium Grand Prix for top
breakthrough idea of the year and ofcourse, they stayed on top of the SEO ranking table too!

 impact of social media maintain seo
Domino’s started an interactive campaign on “social media” where customers could tweet or send a ”pizza” emoji text to indicate an order. A single icon and your order is taken! Cool isn’t it? This campaign earned Domino’s the Cannes Titanium Grand Prix for top breakthrough idea of the year and ofcourse, they stayed on top of the SEO ranking table too!

Quick tips on using Social Media:
1. Make profuse use of social media buttons! Be it your blog, main page, email newsletters etc., always ensure that an option to
share on social media exists!
2. Engage users on your social media pages. Set up interesting campaigns with deliberate call to actions!
3. Offer something “free”! It’s the best and most lucrative source of organic traffic!

In Closure : Maintaining SEO Ranking is comprehensively a long term process. It requires time, patience and more than everything else it requires constantly hospitality towards Google!
What are the tactics which you have found useful for SEO? Let us know in the comments!


This guest post is written by Kavya Hemachandar. Addicted to novels and coffee, Kavya contributes as a Digital Strategist at Spinta Digital here. When the subtlety of social media is off her table, she happily sticks to blogging and music.

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