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5 Ecommerce Conversion Mistakes You should Avoid

Mistakes are inevitable especially in marketing. Yet failing to correct those mistakes or learn from them means your ecommerce business will suffer in the long run. Even if it seems like a tiny mistake, it could be seriously damaging your conversions. Take a look at some of the common Ecommerce conversion mistakes you should avoid:


  • Barely visible CTA button 

    When you have your CTA button neatly tucked away somewhere at the bottom of the page, there’s a chance potential customers may miss it. If you want to make more conversions, you need visitors to take action. So the CTA button needs to be prominently displayed to avoid any kind of confusion.

    Here’s an excellent example of a clear and prominent CTA button from British online fashion and beauty store ASOS. As you can see in the image below, the button stands out in green that is in clear contrast to the white layout of the page. The button is immediately visible even when taking a quick glance at the product page.

ecommerce conversion barely visible cta button trap


  • Over-complicating the checkout process 

    You want people to buy from you, so you need to make it easy for them to actually buy the product. If you’re adding several unnecessary steps in the checkout process, it may easily frustrate shoppers who may end up not making the purchase at all. Compulsory sign-ups and unnecessary fields should be eliminated to simplify the process.
    Asos makes it simple for shoppers to sign up during the checkout process by giving them an option to use their social media accounts for a one-click signup.

    ecommerce conversion checkout process

    Even for those who prefer to sign up using an email address, the signup process is simplified with only a few form fields. In addition to the email address and name, shoppers have to enter their password and gender. They added a field for shoppers to enter their birthday but added an extra note at the bottom giving them a reason why they should fill in the field.

ecommerce conversion over complicate checkout process


  • Not displaying benefits and incentives 

    An essential technique to get more conversions is by giving shoppers a little extra push without being too pushy. Make sure customers feel more compelled to buy the product by displaying some of the features or incentives. For example, “Free Shipping Worldwide”, as seen in the Asos product page above is a great way to give shoppers more reasons to buy from you.

    If you’re providing free shipping and free returns, make sure your customers know it. For Indian ecommerce store Happily Unmarried, they display a badge highlighting their return policy. As you can see in the image below, they provide an easy return option within 15 days. It may not be an extraordinary offer but the way they’ve highlighted it gives off the idea that it’s something special.
     ecommerce conversion not displaying benefits


  • Failure to create a sense of urgency 

    Even if a shopper is genuinely interested in the product, they may end up delaying the purchase. Sometimes, the purchase may never happen at all because they’ll end up forgetting about it. This makes it crucial that you display something to create a sense of urgency that will compel shoppers to buy the product immediately. It could be anything from a deadline for an offer or the limited number of stocks; there are a number of ways to help you create this sense of urgency.

    Asos displays a notice under the CTA button saying that a certain item is “Low in Stock”. This could compel shoppers to buy the item before the stock runs out. Some ecommerce stores may display a specific number of items left but this method is still highly effective.
     ecommerce conversion creating a sense of urgency


  • Failure to ease customer anxiety 

    In some cases, shoppers avoid buying a product because they don’t trust the website or they’re unsure about the quality of the product. This makes it crucial for ecommerce stores to ease customer anxiety and establish trust in every way possible. There are a number of ways you can do this.

    A popular method is to display trust badges to ensure the security of customers’ information. Here’s another example from Asos, which displays a security badge at the bottom of the page along with a list of the cards they accept for payment.

    ecommerce conversion ease customer anxiety

    Another effective method to establish trust and ease customer anxiety is by displaying customer ratings and reviews. This is somewhat like the principle of social proof, in which you’re showing shoppers they should trust the product because other shoppers like them are giving great reviews about it. This is especially important in case of electronics and gadgets or other products that require significant financial investment.

    Best Buy prominently displays the number of star ratings right under the product name. You can further read the reviews by clicking on the hyperlink next to the star ratings.

ecommerce conversion ease customer anxiety

The bottom line

While these are some of the more popular mistakes ecommerce websites make, there may be many other conversion mistakes preventing you from making more sales. Make sure you run A/B tests to understand where you’re going wrong and which aspects need improvements. Got any more suggestions to add to the list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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