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Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting | Which One is Better?

Hosting is a very essential part of all online businesses which helps websites to run properly. The overall performance of the websites increases with an optimized web hosting program. Such as loading the speed of a website along with its reliability, security, etc. It is important to ensure that the plan you are considering to use consists of serving a good, fast, and secure experience to your website visitors. Certainly, the hosting plan that you choose will influence the website’s traffic and your earnings.

WordPress Hosting is considered to be optimized in a better way which is ideally suited to meet the WordPress performance and security needs of the website. It only requires one click to install to make it convenient for beginners with WordPress. Most WordPress hosts make it easier for their clients to automatically update the WordPress software as needed with their own specialized characteristics.  

A quality WordPress hosting can help you run your WordPress website much better. The minimum requirements of WordPress are not really significant, that is why you’ll require a host. PHP 5.2.4 version or higher and MySQL 5.0.15 are technically capable of handling a WordPress site really well. But if you want quality hosting at better rates then checkout Javapipe. 


If you’ll get a WordPress hosting service for your website, you’ll get the below-mentioned benefits:

  1. Better uptime and Scalability
  2. Improved Security
  3. Increases Speed
  4. Better Support
  5. Automatic Updates
  6. Automatic Backups


There are two main types of WordPress hosting

  1. Shared WordPress hosting
  2. Managed WordPress hosting


What is Shared WordPress Hosting?

Shared WordPress Hosting is also considered as ‘WordPress Hosting’ only. It is much more affordable than the other one. 

In addition, if you get this hosting, your website will share resources such as a server with other websites. However, your server will still remain optimized for you along with its performance tweaks. 

Moreover, you’ll get access to a one-click WordPress installer similar to the cPanel where they have already included a one-click installation system. Some hosts also provide the option of pre-installing WordPress whereas some hosts automatically update the WordPress software along with the plugins and themes. 

In short, hosts are supposed to keep the WordPress site updated which is an essential security measure and is significantly important for their clients. Some WordPress hosts also offer other additional features but the above-mentioned ones are specific and standardized. 

Moreover, we would like to mention about the steep discounts that are offered by some hosts. If you’re experiencing the services of host for the first time, they will offer discounted rates as little as 3 to 4 dollars and will increase them to 8 to 10 dollars gradually. 


What is Managed WordPress Hosting:

Let’s just say that a shared WordPress Hosting is a 3-star hotel whereas a Managed WordPress Hosting is a 5-star one. Shared hosting provides many useful offers and services but managed hosting provides a much-advanced version of all those.

Therefore, managed WordPress hosting is much more expensive than the other one. 

In addition to that, managed hosting provides better security and faster speed. It offers advanced and excellent hardware specs which certainly means high-speed and swift WordPress sites. Along with that, managed hosting also provides regular malware scans and intrusion detection which secures the website much more.

Server-side caching is another bigger and important thing that managed WordPress hosting provides to run the website more speedily. To get it, you will need to install a plugin where you will not be required to put any effort of your own. 


Which WordPress Host is Better?   

Although shared WordPress hosting is cheaper than the managed one, it has a number of issues in it. Firstly, it has hundreds and thousands of users on the same server which results in a bad effect on the hosting. Secondly, it consists of a limited memory with hundreds of accounts connected together. 


If one website has a flaw, it will affect other websites too. They will experience some kind of issues in their speed, security, and reliability. It means one website has the power to create problems for other websites even if they are working harder than them, they load slowly or will not load – at all.

In addition to that, memory is not the only thing that will be shared among them. Processing power, bandwidth, storage, and other features will have the same share between accounts of websites. 

In most cases, the efforts of hosts are not useful in resolving these certain issues. In these cases, the company disables its website and opts for another one to provide better services and response to their visitors this time. 


In short, the websites on shared hostings are not reliable ones. On the other hand, the managed WordPress hosting requires a lot of cash to keep the work running. It is required to pay 25 to 30 dollars per month, This means jumping from 3 to 4 dollars to 30 dollars is a big change. 

Not only that, managed WordPress hostings have their pros and cons too.

Some plugins that are open-sourced are blocked by the managed WordPress hosts. Along with that, you’ll not have access to the third-party software and their features if you choose to get the services of managed WordPress hosting. The reason for this con is the security of the website. 

Opting for a service that understands your best interest comes with a few disappointments too. 



After this overall understanding of shared and managed WordPress hosting, you can easily decide which one to choose. If you’re running a website with good earnings which is also a WordPress-powered one, then paying 30 dollars per month shouldn’t be that big of a deal. You should certainly switch to a well-managed WordPress hosting. 

But if you’re only looking to run a WordPress website with no particular requirements or benefits, then it is okay for you to get a shared WordPress host which will also be affordable. Other than that, once your business starts growing, you can always switch to the other one for sure.

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