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Introducing Zepo Couriers – The Smartest Digital Shipping Solution

The word courier is derived from the latin word currere, which means to run. It was the fastest mode of transport realistically back in the age of kings.

Expedited logistics posed a big challenge because automated modes of transport did not exist back then. The solution? Human runners, homing pigeons and horses were employed to cover vast tracts of land for transporting goods and information in a hurry. Life was very different back then. Courier services have come a long way since the birth of the concept several eons ago.

Now, the courier industry in India is pegged at Rs. 17000 crores, and is estimated to touch Rs. 20,000 crores by 2018 growing at 17% per annum. By 2020, the Logistics industry solely servicing eCommerce will be worth around 2.2 billion USD at a CAGR of 48 percent!


How did the industry manage to scale up so fast? Technology is the answer. There has been significant investment in state of the art IT solutions that can manage a colossal number of orders, deliveries, returns and redressals on a daily basis, worldwide. The meteoric rise of the eCommerce industry has been well documented. It has also contributed majorly to the strengthening of the Couriers and Logistics sector in India.

Zepo Couriers: An Introduction

Are you a part of the burgeoning eCommerce industry in India? Do you find yourself devoid of a reliable and efficient Courier service that can take care of your logistics need? If you find yourself in such a situation, you need to try Zepo Couriers

Zepo Couriers lets you tackle your eCommerce shipping woes with a single dynamic platform. Having partnered with multiple courier providers in India, we provide the best prices, unparalleled reach and lets you schedule a pickup right from your doorstep. Zepo Couriers lets you:

  1. Schedule your shipments
  2. Choose from a multitude of courier partners at low rates
  3. Track your shipments in real-time

How does Zepo Couriers work?

The Zepo Couriers platform is rather simplistic, as explained in the graphic below.


Why Zepo Couriers?


Key Features 

Armed with the insights derived from working with over 3000 SME’s, Zepo Couriers has incorporated critical features that can make or break a business. Our prime features will give your business an unparalleled edge and ensure that you remain competitive and maximize your gains with each shipment.


What can you ship?



Now, with the integration of Zepo Wallet to the dashboard, clients can make a payment from the same page, and not be redirected to a third party for making payments. After a considerable amount of feedback from customers and quite a lot of introspection, we have tried to create a unique and satisfying experience for our customers. We aim to:

  • Eliminate Communication Gap: We want the Customer Experience to be pleasant, and operating on equal terms with our clients and delivery partners is essential to achieving this goal.
  • Maximize Transparency:  With our automated dashboard, whatever charges that are  shown to you will be deemed final, and there will be no hidden costs.
  • Sound Technical Support: We have a dedicated and robust team who are well equipped to take care of most issues in due time with maximum efficiency.

 Maximize your delivery reach. Service more orders. Keep track of your shipments digitally.  Get Zepo Couriers now!

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