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Entry Tax Challan Forms in India: A State-wise List

Imposed by the State Government of India, Entry Tax is levied on goods that are being transported from one state to another. To ease your understanding, Entry Tax might be levied on goods that have entered an area other than their place of origin, or their manufacturing location. If a dealer brings goods, or accepts delivery of goods that have been brought from one state to another, then he/she is liable to pay a certain amount of tax (as prescribed by the particular state government) as an entry tax to protect the tax base of the state that has received the goods. With the introduction of GST, the Entry Tax might be done away with once and for all. But till that happens, Entry Taxes are still levied on inter-state movement of goods.

Who does this tax apply to? In theory, it applies to dealers, industrial, commercial or trading undertakings, central and state government companies, firms, societies and clubs that are running a business.

For Entrepreneurs running their own business,understanding myriad and complex structure of tax laws of the Indian business ecosystem becomes a tall order sometimes. Also, several Logistics companies demand the presence of Entry Tax Challan forms for different states. To simplify things for our readers, we have created a database of Entry Tax forms and rules for different states.  


Karnataka Arunachal Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Goa Rajasthan
Uttar Pradesh Chhatisgarh Gujarat Kerala  
Jharkhand Haryana Jammu & Kashmir Bihar  
Orissa West Bengal Andhra Pradesh Assam  


The table above consists of Entry Tax forms that also list the regulation for different states in detail. This can be used for your logistical requirements when using 3rd part logistics providers. Keep in mind, these laws are subject to change regularly and it pays to double-check once with the state government’s website regarding updated laws/challan forms etc.

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