Why Social Media Ads are Key to Unlocking Sales for SME's

“Good Marketing makes the company look smart. Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart.”Joe Chernov. (Ex VP – Content, Hubspot)
For an Entrepreneur who has decided to start an online business, the challenges that exist are immense. Getting the venture to break-even is the primary goal in the long run. In-spite of having a tremendous business idea that has massive potential, the business owner still faces one vital problem – Getting the word out about his/her business idea and grow organically via increased conversions and site visits.

Why are traditional advertising mediums not suitable for SME’s?

  • Television, Print, Radio and OOH advertising are most certainly potent, but they come at a heavy cost.
  • It is hard for perennially cash strapped SME’s to afford expensive marketing campaigns. SME’s will directly compete with big brands who don’t have any spending restrictions.
  • Industry giants can continue to run campaigns for an extended time period. But for smaller players, it will mean annihilation as they would exhaust their minimal cash resources without extracting any realistic ROI.

Digital Marketing has become hugely popular with brands as people are increasingly spending countless hours scouring social media for work and pleasure. But most importantly, it is a targeted and cost effective method for brands to reach out to their audience. Although it has several aspects, we will be talking specifically about Social Media Ads in this post.
Let us look at 2 fundamental online strategies that can help you get more customers, and increase sales revenues.

The first one is Re-Targeting

social media ads retargeter

It focuses on individuals who have visited your site, but left without buying anything. Ads are shown to these people on different display networks on the Internet in a bid to get them back on your site and make a purchase.

This is very important to get new customers to your store. Ever wondered why the same ads are shown repeatedly on TV? To build on back of the mind awareness. Reinforcement of the ad message is known to affect the consumer’s decision making process in the future.

The second aspect is Re-engagement

social media ads reengagement
Getting promotional messages from a retailer that you shopped at almost a year ago? Don’t be perplexed. You are an inactive user in their database, and they want you to come out of your dormancy and make a new purchase.

Via browser push notifications & E-Mail & SMS marketing, a brand notifies past users about new products/services/discounts at their store based on their previous purchases and search history. This is vital for brands to derive more sales from existing customers.

Why is Social Media Marketing critical for SME’s growth?

  1. According to reports, almost 61% of SME’s use social media for marketing.
  2. 66% of marketers suggest Social Media as the number one marketing activity for 2016.
  3. Over 72% of the top social media marketers voted for Instagram as their favored destination for advertising investment.
  4. India has over 195 million active users per month on Facebook, which is the highest in the world currently.
  5. Based on research data, Facebook has about 2 million plus small businesses advertising on Facebook.  And whats more, they have reported more than 70% year-on-year growth.

The numbers speak for themselves. It makes perfect sense for SME’s to be an active part of social media and start generating leads by actively running social media ads. Let us get an understanding about the type of ads that can be run on Facebook & Instagram.

Types of Facebook Ads:

  • Right Column Ad 

This ad appears on a desktop user’s right hand side. The ad body can contain images and videos, and also carries a supporting text headline and a short description of the product/service that is being advertised.social media ads fb right ads 1  social media ads fb right ads 2

  • Desktop Newsfeed Ad 

This type of Facebook ad appears directly in the news feed of people. It takes the natural form and function of a typical Facebook post, which increases the chances of engagement. The image size is larger and the ad copy has space for comprehensive. One ad also has a CTA button that says “Shop Now“, compelling viewers to take action.
social media ads desktop news feed 1  social media ads desktop news feed 2

  • Mobile News Feed Ad 

Just like its desktop counterpart, these ads appear on Facebook’s mobile news feed and mimic the look and feel of customary Facebook posts.
social media ads mobile news feed 1  social media ads mobile news feed 2

Types of Instagram Ads

  • Image Ads 

These ads look just like a regular image post that is shared on Instagram. In this case, they are sponsored posts that are promoted by brands. Captions & CTA’s can be added to these ads, and they represent their parent brand visually on the platform.
social media ads ig image

  • Carousel Ads

These kind of ads consist of multiple images that can be accessed by swiping left. It lets brands create stories that are conveyed via a series of pictures. They can also feature multiple products and contain a link to the parent web-store or brand website.

social media ads ig carousel

  • Video Ads

Instagram allows Marketers to include 30-second video ads in the form of a post, that can be streamed by viewers on their mobile devices. It allows brands to incorporate audio-visual elements that creates a much more compelling ad, as videos are known to be more effective compared to simple visuals.
social media ads instagram video

 Real World Examples

  • TVibes 

TVibes is an app that lets users create their own TV channels with personal video content.  They employed Facebook’s mobile app install ads with a primary target of getting  more number of users who would also remain loyal to their services. The campaign was a tremendous success. About 50 % of their app installs were coming from Facebook. Those using Facebook to log in had a 20% higher engagement rate compared to other sources. The Facebook derived app installs also had a 10% higher loyalty and conversion rate.

  • Glu Mobile

Mobile game company Glu Mobile wanted to boost app installs for their new game, Diner Dash. They wanted to target Instagram’s burgeoning community of food lovers to do the same. Smart photo ads containing images of famous chefs handling in-game food items were created for the campaign. The winning trick was an intelligently placed CTA, labelled “Install Now”. Targeting people belonging to 18-45 years of age, the campaign was a stupendous success. It resulted in over 800,000 impressions , and a 39% increase in app installs since the time they last ran an Instagram campaign.

An Efficient Solution for Running Social Media Ads

Now, you must be wondering how you can run social media ads to promote your brand. You can’t be bothered into learning the technical nuances of designing, and then running customized ad campaigns across different social media. Well, you don’t have to. With Zepo’s Automated Ads Module, you can run powerful and effective ads on Facebook & Instagram, and use analytics data and marketing experts to optimize your campaign with minimal inputs. At the same time, you can re-engage with existing customers and extract more sales via discounts, offers and other techniques. Brands have doubled their online store traffic, and achieved over 8x sales with our automated ads module.
With all that being said, always remember to design and run a campaign keeping in mind your clientele. A custom campaign aimed at a very specific and targeted group of people (your target audience) will reap greater rewards almost always. Give your brand the marketing push that it deserves to help your business realize its true potential.
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