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How To Pack Furniture & Home Decor for E-Commerce Shipping

Every time i see a courier guy at my doorstep clutching a parcel, it ignites a sense of excitement. Admit it, the feeling of unwrapping something new is euphoric. A quick role-reversal on the other hand reveals a different picture. From the perspective of an E-Commerce seller, things are quite different. They need to ensure the safe passage of their shipments which can only be ensured with proper packaging.

While packaging smaller goods is quite straightforward, large items like Furniture are a completely different animal. Come to think of it, how does one effectively pack furniture?

If you find yourself asking this question, then the answers lie in this blog post. I will attempt to simplify the task of packaging, large and over-sized furniture for the benefit of our readers.

Ensure the presence of these items before you start for maximum protection of your goods:

  • Cardboard sheets
  • Duct Tape (lots of it)
  • Wooden Planks
  • Corrugated Sheets
  • Styrofoam Sheets
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Rope (Copious amounts of it)
  • Old Newspapers
  • Permanent Marker
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Cloth & Plastic sacks

Things to keep in mind while packaging furniture

  • Break-down the Inventory

pack furniture for ecommerce

It is important to understand what kind of furniture you are working with so that you can strategize the packaging accordingly. Disassemble the furniture items wherever possible and pack each element separately. Eg. – table legs, headboards and foot-boards from beds etc. This breaks down the size of the shipment, and makes an otherwise absurdly shaped item easier to pack and transport. Also, ensure the proper marking of the furniture and it’s broken-down elements so that re-assembly is easier. Use a permanent marker to denote the different types of furniture that the packaging is protecting for the benefit of the transport individuals.

  • Create External Containers

pack furniture crates

There might be certain items in your repository that are oddly shaped, and have the tendency to get damaged easily. E.g – A dressing table, rocking chair etc. This calls for the creation of an extra protective layer. Use wooden planks and nails to create a case for the goods to rest in. Once the wooden box is ready, stuff it with old blankets, newspapers etc. to create a cushion for the furniture inside. This will ensure the safe passage of your over-sized, unique furniture items that can’t be broken down into smaller pieces.

  • Take Extra Care for Glass Elements

pack furniture glass case


Isolate the glass element from the piece of furniture that you are moving entirely. Pack the glass bits separately after taking all the necessary precautions. Items like tabletops, showcases etc. can be lined up with and wrapped with bubble wrap and packing paper. They can then be placed in carton boxes buffed with cloth, styrofoam etc. Quick tip: Taping a giant X across the entire glass element will prevent the piece from shattering into tiny pieces in case of a mishap.

Tips & Tricks: Pack Furniture Like A Boss!

  • Ensure the integrity of delicate parts of the furniture with loads of bubble wrap.  Post that, proceed to wrap the furniture with blankets. Use old newspapers, old cloth etc. to create additional layers of padding around the furniture.
  • Fasten the packaging materials in place with copious amounts of tape. Ensure that the tape is not applied to painted surfaces to prevent the color from being tarnished.
  • The use of shrink wrap will maintain the artificial padding in place. Newspapers, blankets and other materials will not slip out of place during transportation. It will also prevent dust and liquids from seeping inside and damaging the furniture.
  • Don’t let your furniture get chipped. Use large sheets of corrugated cardboard, fold them into smaller pieces and tape them around the corners of your furniture pieces. Permanently fixed furniture legs can be protected with plenty of bubble wrap. Similarly, use cardboard to protect the outer surface of your furniture like doors, decorative layering etc. Once this is done, add another layer of shrink wrap for extra protection and tie it off with rope for the perfect finish.
  • There are specially manufactured plastic covers built to protect Mattresses and sofas from rips, stains, and moisture. Otherwise, shrink wrapping always works best to protect the furniture from most types of damage.

Real-life Example

We have quite a few clients that are using Zepo Couriers to send larger than normal goods across India. One of them happens to be Mr. Sumit, who manufactures and sells metal folding beds. He has been regularly shipping over 150 parcels every month via Zepo Couriers successfully with his packaging technique. Here are a few examples of his products in the pics below:

pack furniture sumit aggarwal folding beds

Sumit Aggarwal, Proprietor of Aggarwal Folding Beds

Sumit follows a simple 4-step method to pack furniture:

  1. First, a layer of shrink wrap is applied around the bed.
  2. The second layer consists of bubble wrap that protects the goods from bumps.
  3. The last protective layer consists of cardboard sheets that are fastened into place with duct tape.
  4. Lastly, a plastic sack is wrapped around the parcel that is tied with rope to keep everything in place. You can take a look at the pic below to understand the packaging procedure.

This is what the product looks like:

pack furniture Folding bed collage

This is what it looks like after packaging:

pack furniture bed packed collage

This process has ensured the safety and integrity of Mr. Sumit’s beds while being transported over long distances. Out of 100 beds shipped, the damaged goods percentage is lower than 7%.

Are you selling furniture online? Once you’re done packing those beautiful pieces of furniture, the question of a reliable and efficient courier service provider remains.  Worry not, for we are about to introduce you to the simplest way to ship your products across 15,000+ pin-codes in India. No matter how oddly-shaped your furniture is, Zepo Couriers will ship it for you. We have a whole host of value-added features that will shift your logistics efficiency into overdrive. 

Maximize your delivery reach. Service more orders. Keep track of your shipments digitally.  Get Zepo Couriers now!

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