Zepo Couriers App for Shopify: An Overview

Any informed industry expert will rightly tell you that Logistics is the back bone of the E-Commerce industry, which is growing at a breakneck speed of 51%. Zepo Couriers is a service that provides a comprehensive logistics solution to anyone who is involved in selling online across any platform. Based on the feedback we received from hundred’s of Zepo Couriers customers selling on Shopify, we wanted to create an effective solution that would bridge both platform’s with ease.

We created the Zepo Couriers app for Shopify that acts as a plugin, allowing seamless integration of Zepo Couriers with online stores hosted on Shopify.

For example:

Mr. X has a web-store hosted on Shopify, and he uses Zepo Couriers to fulfill his logistics needs. Earlier, Mr. X was required to manually record the orders received on his web-store to the Zepo Couriers dashboard. 
With the installation of the Zepo Couriers app, Mr. X can now breathe a sigh of relief. In layman’s terms, this plugin acts as a wireless connection that allows both platform’s to communicate automatically with each other. Once an order is received on the store back-end, it is automatically entered onto the Zepo Couriers dashboard. It completely takes out the manual intervention process of data entry.
Additionally, Mr. X can:

  • See the costs displayed upfront for the shipment
  • Track the shipment in real-time

Mr. X is able to accomplish all of this from his store back-end, and doesn’t have to access the Zepo Couriers dashboard to schedule, send and track shipments!

Zepo Couriers app for Shopify
Before Installing the Zepo Couriers app for Shopify

Zepo Couriers app for Shopify
After Installing the Zepo Couriers app for Shopify 

Zepo Couriers app for Shopify
Shipment scheduling made simpler

As you can see in the pictures above, there  are extended options on the Shopify store back-end that allows the user to schedule, ship and track couriers from the comfort of their online store back-end.

Customer Reviews

While we have managed to explain the intricacies of the Zepo Couriers app for Shopify, you are still unaware about the real-world performance of the plugin. We decided to rope in reviews from existing users who could share their first-hand experience about using the Zepo Couriers Shopify plugin. Check out what our clients have to say, straight from the horse’s mouth:


Zepo Couriers app limpkin
Limpkin has been using the Zepo Couriers app for Shopify since their inception. Founded by fashion entrepreneur Amit Kumar, Limpkin sells premium quality shirts made with exotic fabrics imported from Italy. Even the linings and the buttons have been procured from 3-4 countries across the globe to make a truly unique product portfolio.
Amit boasts of a rich pedigree in fashion with a degree from NIFT and over 13 years of experience in the industry, having worked in top positions for companies like Louis Philippe & Raymond. 
Here’s our conversation that we had with him:

What is your opinion of Zepo’s services?

AK: If you ask me, Zepo’s USP lies in the fact that they provide umbrella services that provide end-to-end solutions for E-Commerce. I really appreciate the feature in Zepo Couriers that lets me choose from multiple courier service providers. Overall, Zepo Couriers is rather easy to use, and the technology behind it is quite robust.

Tell us about your experience of using the Zepo Couriers app for Shopify?

AK:  The Zepo Couriers app for Shopify has really made life easier now as compared to earlier. The biggest advantage is that it automatically fetches data for orders received from my store, which then gets captured on the Zepo Couriers dashboard. Unlike earlier, i am no longer required to manually input data fields from my store to the Zepo Couriers dashboard, which saves a considerable amount of time for me. Barring a few improvements, the product is great overall.”


Zepo Couriers app nightyhouse
Nighty House is a leading retailer of beautifully designed sleepwear for women. Founder Antony Joseph claims that you will be hard pressed to find a similar product that is as durable, comfortable and reasonably priced. He has been using the Zepo Couriers app for Shopify for quite some time now, and he had a few words to add for the questions that we asked him:

What is your review of Zepo Couriers so far?

Antony: Its been a great experience so far. I love your domestic courier partners, especially FedEx as their services are unbeatable, with a 4 days delivery time for most pin codes. Customer Service can do with some improvement, but it’s not that bad. Having more pin code coverage for the COD service would also work well. The other features that i really like are:

  • Easy on-boarding for new users
  • Hassle free prepaid payment system
  • No hidden costs & great prices across different plans
  • Excellent ticket tracking system for Zepo support

Has the Zepo Couriers app for Shopify made life easier for you? If yes, then how?
Antony: It most certainly has made life easier for me, as it is the only app in Shopify right now that makes order processing easier for Indian Markets. It ends up saving me a lot of time with order processing so that i can focus on my business. Also, the Instant Tracking number feature and display of pick up dates is a boon for business owners like me who are managing multiple shipments to various pin-codes. I would say, it is a must have app for small business owners who run an E-Commerce business on Shopify.

We are constantly working on our products in order to add a measure of convenience, and maximum value to our customers. If you are selling online, and are looking for a powerful and easy to use logistics solution for your business, then do check out Zepo Couriers. It has been designed keeping in mind the unique needs of online SMB’s.

Maximize your delivery reach. Service more orders. Keep track of your shipments digitally.  

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