How Cosmosgalaxy Is Making Exclusive Home Decor More Affordable

It started with a brainstorming session around ‘How to decorate our home with the most quirky home decor’.  What the brother-sister duo Varun and Vibhuti found was that the customers have limited options and also the regional artistic items were not readily available.
The solution was launched in the form of COSMOSGALAXY – An E-Commerce website that hosted good quality, durable and fancy products to customers at reasonable prices.

Affordable Exclusivity  was the motto.

We recently had a chat with the founders of Cosmosgalaxy. Here are the core insights from running their venture:

Can you give us a brief introduction to your business idea and what makes it special?
Our business idea was basically to sell home & interior decor online. Our USP is that we have a curated list of products available to E-Commerce consumers at a very low cost.
Explain the products on offer?
We provide decor products in three categories as kitchen-wares, home furnishings, bed linen, cushions and curtains, racks & shelves, storage containers, clocks, wall arts, coffee set and other must-haves in the kitchen. We have quite a lot of products and anyone can find it on our website.
What is Your motto/ business ideology?
We wanted to provide a distinctive and exquisite product at an affordable cost to people.
Tell us something about yourself?
We hail from a modest background. Varun was employed in a leading MNC and I had just completed my Masters.
I and Varun started this business in 2010 though unofficially we were working on this idea from 2009.
What was the motivation behind going online?
I come from a business family knowing the disadvantages of having an offline store. This time I wanted to do business online. Also, we were low on investment and selling online provided us greater reach across India and abroad at a very low cost.

Who helped you to start your business?
Initially, when myself and Varun started this business, our families backed us significantly. After we picked up the business, a lot of mentors continued to guide us on our way of becoming better in our business.
What were the Challenges faced by you?
Initially, when I started my business, there wasn’t enough awareness about Flipkart, Amazon etc.
The whole E-commerce space was completely cluttered with no proper solution for packaging, product photo shoot and logistics. Also, registering yourself as a seller on these platforms has a lot of procedure. But now we are seeing platforms like Zepo and Zepo couriers trying to provide a one-stop solution for any E-Commerce business. Though the expectation is huge from such platforms, I think that all the challenges will be met out by E-Commerce sellers.
How did you put your ECommerce business in the Spotlight? 
We always wanted to be seen in Indian E-Commerce space. We were once featured in Times of India. Also, a company called Cerifine did a case study on our business and put out a huge amount of branding for us. We also started running Facebook ads and spread our business through informative articles on famous blogs. We also have our own blog where we share DIY and Informative articles related to our Business.
Share something about your target audience & reach.
Our target audience is mostly young and middle age people and we try to add quirkiness and liveliness in our products. We target the using social media and blog directories etc.
How many orders do you ship in a day and how do you do it?
On a usual business day, we get 100 orders, during festive seasons and other online sales we got around 800-1000 orders. We are working on warehouse model with fulfillment by Amazon. We only need to deliver our products from our warehouse to theirs and rest is taken care of.
What’s the next plan for your business?
Our plan is to launch theme based products with higher ticket range that are tailor made to our niche customers.

“If your dreams are big enough, facts don’t count”

Why should people come online to sell?
There are pros and cons for starting a business online:
Pros being you can start a business in a couple of days rather than waiting for approval to open an offline store. Also, there is a wider audience reach given the situation in our country where people are trying to move online.
Cons being, the E-Commerce industry is growing with not many laws in place that says certain things are legal and certain are illegal. With our country coming up with Digital India initiative, things might change in a couple of years.
Any inspiring thoughts for aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs?
I once attended a conference where the speaker quoted “If your dreams are big enough, facts don’t count”. I believe this quote would suit any of the aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

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