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How To Sell On Marketplaces Like A Boss

Back in 1966, long before the existence of the Internet, TIME magazine published a radical piece titled ‘The Futurists’. It talked about how life would be like in the year 2000. The author predicted that people would be ‘shopping remotely’ in the future from the comfort of their homes, but also suggested that it probably won’t be that popular.

Cut to the future in 2017, and online shopping is not just a reality but an absolute rage. According to reports, India’s e-tail market size is expected to reach a value of 100 billion $ by 2020. Want a piece of the action? Then start selling on established marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon & Paytm.

Why sell on Marketplaces?

For the uninitiated, an online marketplace is: “A platform existing on the internet (think website) where multiple vendors come together to sell their products and services.” There are several advantages of selling on marketplaces for a novice online seller:

  • Existing Infrastructure: Sellers can directly sign up with a marketplace, upload their products and start selling online without worrying about issues like website development.
  • Low Marketing Investment: Established marketplaces have immense brand pull, and a seller need not worry about incremental marketing costs to pull in customers.
  • Massive Customer Base: Marketplaces have a massive pool of customers that can be readily tapped into by sellers. Example: Flipkart recently crossed a 100 million customers.
  • Economical Solution:Getting a custom E-Commerce enabled website developed can be expensive for some. Marketplaces are a more economical alternative.
  • Brand Performance: It is a great way to find out the product performance based on sales and customer reviews.


Having said that, there are certain issues that deter people from selling on Marketplaces. The amount of control is compromised, there are too many rules and regulations to abide by for different marketplaces, the commission structure is always varying and keeping track of overall activity on a marketplace requires a lot of time and effort.

What is Zepo Marketplace?

Having worked with over 3000 SMB’s, Zepo uncovered considerable insights from sellers small and big. Based on collective feedback from individuals who were selling/wanted to sell on marketplaces, Zepo Marketplace was developed aiming to simplify life for sellers.

From the convenience of a single dashboard, one can effortlessly sell their products on multiple marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Shopclues etc. It is a powerful tool that breaks down marketplace selling into functional aspects such as: order management, inventory management, payments, reporting and logistics.

How can Zepo Marketplace help Online Sellers?

You have probably decided to sell on marketplaces before, but decided to step back because of some persisting doubt. To dispel all uncertainties, we answer some frequently asked questions about selling on marketplaces:

  1. Can I manage my products on multiple marketplaces together at the same time?

    With Zepo Marketplace, you can set up accounts and integrate your entire product portfolio on popular marketplaces. You can manage all your orders on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Shopclues, Voonik, Myntra, Jabong, Snapdeal etc. from the comfort of a single dashboard. You don’t need to learn the intricacies of multiple marketplaces, simply concentrate on selling your products.

  2. How will I keep a track of my orders on different marketplaces?

    Zepo Marketplace lets you keep track of all your marketplace orders in one place. From the dashboard, all the necessary details such as product ID, SKU ID, Quantity, the related invoice number, Order date etc. are displayed along with the order to maintain clarity. You can choose to either process the orders individually for shipment, or send them in bulk. Secondly, there are filters in place that allow you to sort orders out based on broad categories like shipment location, marketplace, carrier etc.

  3. Is it possible to know the status of shipment returns from multiple marketplaces?

    It most definitely is. Zepo Marketplace offers this crucial feature that lets a user find out about the number of shipments that are returning back to source. The dashboard also displays the status of the shipments, classifying them as Pending, Fraud & Damaged, which allows for easier accounting of shipment returns.

  4. How do i manage my inventory across multiple marketplaces?

    You don’t have to, because Zepo Marketplace will do it for you. With an inbuilt inventory management feature, the software will automatically update your product inventory across all the marketplaces after each sale. It also allows you to assign different prices for the same products on multiple marketplaces. Say good-bye to inventory mismatch problems.

  5. How will i ship the orders after receiving them?

    Zepo Marketplace has a free integration of Zepo Couriers, a simple but powerful tool that lets you schedule and ship orders effortlessly using top carriers such as FedEx, Blue Dart, Aramex, Delhivery, Dotzot. Additionally, Zepo Marketplace comes integrated with top Marketplace fulfillment services like Fulfilled by Amazon, Flipkart Assured and Snapdeal+. You are free to use these services to schedule orders received on the above stated marketplaces.

  6. I find the process of receiving payments from different marketplaces complex. How can this be simplified?

    Zepo Marketplace will ensure that you never miss out on a payment, and you get paid for every order that you service. Use the reconciliation service to access the order history, and sift through fulfilled orders, returns, new orders etc. and find out how much each marketplace owes you. It also allows you to track revenue leakage by accessing unpaid orders, extra logistics charges paid and wrongful deductions made.

  7. I find it cumbersome to prepare business reports for multiple marketplaces. Can it be simplified?

    With Zepo Marketplace, you don’t need to keep accounts for multiple marketplaces. Your accounting is completely taken care of, including order level invoice voucher, issuing credit note against returns and a single-click sync system with popular accounting software such as Tally. Also, the software generates ready to use tax reports, VAT reports (Sales & Returns) that are necessary for taxation purposes, effectively closing off the compliance loop for each company.

The Zepo Marketplace tool offers a potent solution that simplifies selling on marketplaces for individuals who wish to use their time more judiciously. If you are planning to sell on marketplaces, but issues such as process complexity and lack of time are affecting your decision, then Zepo Marketplace can be an excellent way for you to get started.

Process All Orders Of Multiple Marketplaces Effortlessly From A Single Dashboard.  

 I Want To Sell On Marketplaces

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