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6 Ways You Can Market And Sell on Instagram

In 2010, the world saw a revolutionary app called Instagram gain its popularity through a simple concept called photo-sharing. A few years later, social platforms took a dig with the invention of SnapChat where things were snapped, not stilled!

These platforms were interesting, unique and most importantly unanimous in terms of popularity and reach! However, businesses never realized a “snap” or a “pic” could help their brand.

Well… Surprise, Surprise! Brands have thought wrong. Today, 7 years later, the web is filled with articles on how brands (small, medium and big) have creatively used these platforms to bring in what you call the “interest factor” among the public.

All kinds of businesses, be it B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) have been using these platforms in extremely interesting ways. Today, I have taken a leaf out of their strategies and penned down some amazing ideas you can pick for your business too.


1.Get Reaaaalllll

I am dragging the “Real” part here on purpose. As we all know, Snapchat and Instagram are more common among the younger generation – this means, your reach, interest, and clicks can have a more exciting effect!

Not many Indian brands, SMB’s, in particular, realize that Snapchat holds 9% of Indian market share. Holistically 71% of users in Snapchat are aged between 18-34 years. Therefore, if used right, it can give you impeccable brand recognition (more than Facebook and Twitter!).

As an entrepreneur, you can consistently leverage on Snapchat and Instagram to not just brand your product but to increase conversion too. Snapchat and Instagram can be used as an important platform for product advertising wherein you show offers, promo codes etc. On the other hand, you can also use these two platforms to predominantly show your fun side and most importantly show what’s happening in the moment.


For instance, Warby Parker, an American Eyeglasses and Sunglasses brand uses snapchat to showcase its products. If you are running an e-commerce enterprise you can take a leaf out their cap and do the same too! Share your items as product snaps on Snapchat and photos on Instagram with a “#todaysfunitemfromcompanyname“.  


Our new Bennett sunglasses are so light, they float! (Photo by #teamwarby member, @bmolly77.)

A post shared by Warby Parker (@warbyparker) on


2.Story It Out

JCrew branded themselves out with their Instagram stories. Wondering who this brand is? Well, believe me, I myself didn’t know until I noticed their Instagram stories gaining world popularity!!


What this American e-commerce brand did was simple, share their Instagram stories with a tinge of creativity and vibe. They branded their items with a storyline and connected instantly.


Zepo Blog


Again, this is one such way many SMB’s can connect with their customers. Portray your brand’s uniqueness with Stories!

Remember, Instagram and Snapchat serve youngsters – therefore, your content should be the angles of “creative, innovative and vibrant”.


3.Be More Fun

Having asked you all to get real and be creative, it’s also important that you be more fun. Out of all the best practices to brand on Instagram and Snapchat, the one that ultimately clicks is FUN!

For instance, Shopify’s Instagram page spells FUN. So does Mailchimp.

Before you engage your audience with “fun stuff”, engage your team to humanize your content.


For instance –  Let’s take a look at one of MailChimp’s Instagram post. They’ve taken the effort to appreciate their teammate with a post on Instagram. The key is to make work-life fun.



zepo blog


Make Snapchat and Instagram an integral part of your team spirit – most specifically, bank on the younger lot since they can give you incredible ideas on how to make things click on this platform.


4.Boomerang Your Videos

True that videos still play a major role on social channels; but with a small change. They are now boomeranged!!

Bring your team together to create fun boomerang videos and share them over in Snapchat and Instagram.

Boomerang’s GIF’s have been incredibly creative and when I took to researching some best boomerang videos by brands, I was bowled over at their sheer creativity.


For instance, Timberland took a creative route by sharing their “catalog” with a boomerang video. In fact, they were one of the few companies who gave this a short stint and honestly, it turned out quite well!


Who else is flipping through our fall catalog? #boomerang #moderntrail #catalog #timberland

A post shared by Timberland (@timberland) on



5.Make It Your News Platform

Share your brand’s updates on Instagram and SnapChat. Ideally, it’s more engaging, reaches out to a lot of people and absolutely free when compared to PR coverage!


For instance, I have seen brand’s update discounts, sales and festive offers on their Instagram page. Jabong, Indian retail brand shared its discount offers on Instagram to gain traffic. Furthermore, most independent designers and retailers follow similar patterns when it comes to maintaining their Instagram and Snapchat profiles.




6.Leverage Influencers

With such a wide coverage, these platforms also prove to be one of the best when it comes to influencer marketing.


For instance, quite recently a Chennai-based Pet start-up called PetsApp got one of their influencer Rochelle Rao (Femina Miss India International 2012/Bigg Boss Contestant 2015) to speak about their app/cause on Instagram and Snapchat. They ended up reaching 336K of her followers on Instagram with zero spends. Get the idea?!

zepo blog


With trends and attitude proliferating in this fast-paced world, one rudimentary fact should always be observed – brands have to stick to new gen techniques. Brands have traversed from Facebook to Twitter and have now started ruling on Instagram and Snapchat. So, good luck, catch up well!

This guest post is written by Kavya Hemachandar. Addicted to novels and coffee, Kavya contributes as a Digital Strategist at Spinta Digital here. When the subtlety of social media is off her table, she happily sticks to blogging and music.


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Guest Author

  • Great Post! Lots of good examples, and I specifically liked the part about telling stories on Instagram.
    Have you tried using the Instagram Planning app called Plann? I made it so you can easily drag and drop your images to tell a story – lots of great reviews so far, would love you to check it out and tell me what you think!

    • Thanks for the comment Christy Laurence! Also, we were looking into your app and we think it is pretty amazing. We are happy to mention your app in our post. We will let you know once we update it.

      • Nawww too kind! 🙂 You’ll have to let me know what you think? I stumbled across your blog post while I was procrastinating testing hahaha x