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The Powerful Words that will Increase your Sales

We’ve all heard the idiom ‘the pen is mightier than the sword,but in the age of digital marketing, the pen is also becoming mightier than a lot of traditional advertising and marketing efforts.

Content marketing is primarily made up of written copy (blogs, DIY guides, articles and so on) that is easy to share and helps attract the huge number of online leads available and increase your sales.

Today’s consumers are exceedingly drawn to brands that offer valuable experiences, and one of the most effective ways to showcase the value and generate leads is through written online content.

Not every piece of content is created equal, or is it? Well, not exactly, good content always stands out above the rest. As more companies turn to content marketing for generating online leads, the content marketplace becomes more active and activity is good.

This means many people from around the globe are connected to the digital world. Good content contributes to a better experience.

To help improve your content efforts and increase your sales and higher conversion rates, here are some powerful words that will increase your sales and phrases, that’ll help enhance your branded writing and even design better logos and slogans.


#1: The

Increase your sales: Image 1

Consider the title of this piece: The Top Powerful Words that will Increase your Sales. With the mere inclusion of this three-letter article, the title sounds much more definitive than if it were just Top Powerful Words that will Increase your Sales. It makes the content seem like the end-all-be-all authority on the subject matter.  


The Chromologist is the perfect example of the authority approach.  A chromologist is someone who interprets color, and Farrow and Ball, a 70-year-old paint company in the UK, took the idea of an expert to the next level.  Knowing full well that a blog on their business page would turn into a “let’s look at paint color experience,” they created The Chromologist.  

The blog dedicated itself to teaching people how to effectively use color.  Farrow and Ball strategically placed links to it’s paint website in The Chromologist’s articles–driving traffic back to the site and thus increasing online leads.  The lesson you can learn from Farrow and Ball is to write with conviction and be that expert in your niche.

#2: You

Increase your sales: Image 2

Another powerful, three-letter word that will increase your sales is the pronoun ‘You‘ This sets the tone for the entire piece and allows readers to feel like you’re talking to them, instead of at them. Personalization is a vital part of digital marketing.

Apple pretty much takes the cake when it comes to personalizing.  If fact, it’s personalization strategy is a large reason that people are brand loyal.  The word you was used 81 times when Apple launched the iPhone 5.

The reason? To captivate the audience–the more captivated buyers are, the more likely they will explore. Exploration generates leads.

Your customers want you to recognize who they are and what their interests are. Adopting the ‘You’ pronoun to your writing is an easy way to achieve this and can help push online leads towards converting.

Conversation and Discussion

Along the same lines of ‘You,’ referring to a blog or article as a ‘Conversation,’ ‘Discussion’ or another, a similar word is a good way to make readers feel included and involved. Again, it’s about talking to the reader and not at them.

One company that has taken the idea of discussion to the next level is Proposify.  The company’s owner dug deep into customer service theory and found that by adding discussion widget in many different places on his website, he was inviting customers to join the lines of communication.  His efforts yielded him 156% increase in conversion rates.

A major part of really delivering this conversation-like environment is to allow readers to comment and share their thoughts. But, the illusion won’t stand if you don’t listen.

Emerging, New, Fresh and Future

Increase your sales: Image 3

Today’s digitalized culture likes to be cutting edge. We want to hear about what’s coming long before it happens, so we can be the first one among our friends to be ‘in the know.’ These words signal to the reader that this is something very few people have seen or heard about.

If you’re a B2C company, it offers this opportunity to be the first on the block to know about a new product or trend. You can even take the Starbucks approach and gain some positive PR.  The company asks customers to share their ideas and then it invites others to discuss the ideas, share them, and the vote. Bringing customers into the creation process is a great way to generate some positive PR and increase online leads.

For B2B firms, innovation expresses to readers that they are getting something that few or even none of their competitors may have, which is a chance for those readers to score a big win with their company.

Discover, Imagine and Explore

Increase your sales: Image 4

All of these words invoke a sense of wonder. They entice readers to read further or, well, explore more. These are great words to include in a call-to-action because they’re action words that don’t seem super sell-y like ‘buy now,’ or ‘shop today.’

Netflix does a great job using the discover, image, explore the concept.  The companies call to action “See what’s next” followed by “Join Free for a Month” helped it secure 120 million users in 2016.

These words also have powerful effects when used to explain products or generate leads because they subtly persuade the reader to want to investigate those products, or your brand, for themselves. Aside from persuasion, these whimsical-type words are ideal for describing your brand. They eliminate that rigid, suit-and-tie, business-y feeling that companies can have and replace it with something fun and exciting.

Enhance, Improve and Increase

When you talk about producing value in the eyes of potential customers, there’s arguably no better way to do that than to offer them ways they can Enhance, Improve or Increase their status.  

This is true whether they’re another company or a consumer. These buzzwords immediately alert your reader that there’s instant value to gain from this writing, whether it’s on a social media channel or another medium.


For/In Example…

With all of the competition in the content marketplace, it can be difficult for marketers to get their words and content to stand out. If you want to come across as a knowledgeable resource on a subject, use examples.

Not only do examples help simplify complex topics and better sell your point, but they also make you look smarter because it shows that you can think of the issue comprehensively. Alternatively is another good word that lets you showcase an additional example and further solidify your expertise.


Despite the high level of competition in the content marketplace, the right words in your vocabulary can be some of the best tools for online leads and increase your sales. Many of these words have renewable value and purposes; you can use them with your social media messages, in your mission statement, the description of your company history and beyond. They all have the power to achieve your brand’s goals and objectives.

There are many other powerful words out there that you can use to increase sales, generate leads and attract more customers, but we hope that this short list helps get your creative gears turning.

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Ryan Stewart is a digital marketing consultant with over 8 years of experience working to help Fortune 500 brands grow their online presence. He currently resides in Miami, where he owns boutique creative agency WEBRIS. You can find Ryan on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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