How To Make Marketing Automation Work For Your Business?

According to this report, 70% of new businesses will fail. It is a scary statistic for anyone who owns a similar business or is planning to get into the same business line. But if you also own a business, you don’t have to be scared.

Are you are trying to grow your business beyond your wildest expectations and trying hard to see only modest results?
Do you want to super-charge your advertising without burning a hole in your pocket?

If your answer to all the questions above is a ‘Yes’, then considering Marketing automation can be your key to getting more sales.

As a business starts to take off, maintaining a series of direct conversations with your prospects (clients) becomes impossible. At this time, it’s crucial to develop a marketing pipeline which can optimize performance-driven, market savvy, customer-centric campaigns at your requirement.
Over a period of time, your business marketing might become so massive that handling everything via Outlook, Word and Excel spreadsheets wouldn’t be possible. Hiring a marketing team would always be an option, but beyond a point, there’s a possibility that you’ll be exhausting money over redundant activities like sending email newsletters, mailing new customers, and sending updates every time you add a new product on your website.
That’s where Marketing Automation( MA) comes in.

So What is Marketing Automation?

Let’s take a look at our favorite website – Amazon.
You might have observed your name is displayed when you log in. All this has become possible only because of Marketing Automation(MA). The use of software to automatically pull and insert addresses, names, e-mail ids from the database onto all the communications with the clients like letters, emails, have been a mainstay of digital marketers for decades now.
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The difference between then and now has been the concept of ‘real time’.  The massive amount of data available to companies based on your interaction with their site lets them sway you with personalized, custom offers and products as per your browsing history, thanks to a predictive algorithm.
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As per Hubspot, Marketing automation is “software and tactics that allow companies to buy and sell like Amazon” – that is, to nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into delighted customers.

Benefits of Marketing Automation?

Analyzing human behavior and driving results can be challenging and that’s where marketing automation helps. MA can help by providing the data required to make analysis-driven choices. The profound knowledge of leads and increased efficiencies of marketing automation can also reduce the marketing-to-conversion cycle duration.
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If you are not considering marketing automation for your business, here are a few reasons why you should:

  • Centralized Marketing Platform – Manage all marketing activities and email delivery within one dashboard. Incorporating all your marketing efforts together can help keep a unified brand tone-of-voice like Red bull, KFC etc.
  • Capture and Nurture Leads – Convert anonymous website visitors into sales ready leads. It can help provide better insights and can be used to collect specific data like your target audience age, location, preferences etc to improve future campaigns or communication.
  • Lead Conversion– Quantify and prioritize leads based on profile, behavior, and interests. Automation helps tailor the experience to the user, creating a unique and more inviting experience that’s entirely relevant and will more likely lead to conversion.
  • Real-Time Automation – Execute tedious marketing campaigns in hours, not weeks. Multiple campaigns can be scheduled way ahead of time and released as per your own requirement, therefore working hours can be utilized for other productive activities.
  • Better ROI Tracking – Measure the impact of your marketing on revenue. It can help to make sure that leads don’t disappear off the radar after a couple of unsuccessful contacts.

How can Marketing Automation also work for you?

The word “automation” sounds robotic, doesn’t it? Just “set up and forget it” sort of an activity.
In fact, as a small business owner with no knowledge of how to set up their sales funnel and marketing channels, understanding what “marketing automation really means” can be tricky.
Here are three ways your business should be using marketing automation:

1.The “Get to know us” Campaign:

Every Time some new user visit your website, they should go through this campaign.
The purpose of this campaign is to set the tone of the relationship and make your customer aware of what you do. The campaign can constitute of 3 emails or a facebook campaign. Depends on you.
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Here are a few things that your “Get to know us” campaign must do:

  • Set their expectations:  They are going to receive information from you over a period of next few days or weeks. Let me aware of what they can expect from you. For instance, TrekTrails below have clearly mentioned the course of the trek with what to expect. 

  • Make your product clear: While you are trying to build your own list, you also need to scan out the poor quality leads. Clear out to these new leads, who your content is for.
  • Lastly, Let them know how you can help: Do you have products and services that can help their cause? After you’ve set the base of the relationship, let these new leads know how they can achieve more through buying your product and services.


  1. The “Engagement” Campaign:

The purpose of this campaign is to get people to buy from you. The engagement can be through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. To do it right, it’s important that you deliver content relevant to what they are looking for. The campaign should:

  • Educate: This is your chance to drive engagement and nurture your leads. This can be over the period of 2 days to 2 weeks depending on what you sell.
  • Get them to purchase: Ultimately, you want your customers to give you money and buy your service. Offering discounts or rightly timed engagement can make sure they go for the sale. An exemplary for the same can be this campaign run by Bookmyshow, a ticket booking website. They’ve been deliberately trying to push customers to buy tickets in weekdays(with less footfall)  by offering discounts. 


  1. The “Onboarding” Campaign:

What happens once your customer makes the purchase? Concentrating on what customer does post conversion is equally important to get him onboard.
Now, the relationship is actually starting. Your onboarding campaign should certainly do the following:

  • Deliver your service: Give the product/service your customer just bought.
  • Tell them what to do next:  Realizing the customer that they’ve made a fair deal by taking your services is really important. Remain in touch and let them aware of where they can reach you or maybe pointing out a few features.
  • Ask for referrals: Once somebody buys your product, they are usually super excited to get started. And this is exactly the best time to ask for a referral; immediately after the sale. Once a customer refers you to his known, it makes your conversion a way lot higher.


A word of caution

Automated marketing is a fantastic tool for small business owners, but using it in moderation is the best. Not everything should, can be scheduled beforehand. For example, when breaking news about an alteration in your service, you’ll want to create day-of social media engaging posts and emails. But when a new employee decides to run a last-minute sale, you won’t be able to rely on automation either. Just like any other tool/resource, automation is another tool which you should keep in your armor and use it when required.
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