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7 Steps to Build Your Online Brand From Scratch

Online shopping is replacing traditional shopping exponentially. It was a novelty for the people to receive their purchases on the doorstep without visiting the store. There was a time people were reluctant to buy things online fearing that their cash could get stuck and the product would not be at par with their expectations. Now it is too common and easier for people, also it is more preferred.

To build an online brand from scratch in the current scenario involves a lot of major tasks.

Step 1:

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Select an age group which you would like to service and then see what the market desires to buy the most and chalk out the reasons for their purchases.


Step 2:

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Set up an appropriate budget which would cater your idea. Buy or make the products that you now wish to sell. Also, decide your brand name. It should be a unique one which should draw everyone’s attention.


Step 3:

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Check out the major competitors and decide how you can make your product more desirable. Visit their website and try finding out loopholes. Read the customer reviews, their appreciation or criticism is most valuable as to what you should include on your website and products. Your competitor’s faults should be your strong points. Deliver the customer exactly how and when they want it.


Step 4:

Build an attractive website which incorporates all your products which you are selling in a good well-defined manner. People fancy easy scrolling and an organised website capture their eye the most.
Eg: You can give a particular colour to each page and demarcate the sections accordingly.



Step 5:

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Advertise your website. Apart from Google AdWords, there are social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other websites where the advertisements can be put up. Unnecessary pop up advertisements are pretty useless and ignored by the most, so keep in mind to advertise properly or make pages where you can upload the website link and a few pictures. Let’s not forget that your new brand can also be spread by word of mouth and maybe flyers. Initial advertising is a must, without that people will never come to know what you are selling.


Step 6:

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Keep the website updated. Inventory details should be up to date and the product information should be precise since the customers do not buy products without reading about them.


Step 7:

First impression is certainly the last impression, so make a point whatever the orders are placed are delivered within the time period mentioned. Also, there should be no compromise on the quality. In the initial stages, all these are carefully looked at by the customers.


It is a difficult task in this throat cutting competition but anything can be achieved by thinking and acting smartly.


Written by
Aishwariya Gupta

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