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5 Ways to Rank Higher in Product Search Rankings on Marketplaces

Every online seller realises the importance of ranking higher in product search results on marketplaces. To simplify this we are listing 5 basic parameters that will definitely improve your ranking.

1. Quality of listing

product-listing-quality-on-marketplacesMore often than not listing quality influences the rankings in product searches. Getting perfect product photographs, with apt lighting and image enhancing graphics along with enticing product title, desired product description with key bullet points and FAQs can land the product search to the required or closed to required spot on rankings. So an accurate assessment should be made of these known intricacies.


2. Product should be listed in the right event category

post in-right-category-zepoIf products are listed in categories in which they don’t lie, it is quite not possible to get them in search results while looking in a particular category. Fashion, makeup, skin care will not appear in appliances category. It is important to classify them accordingly in order to get a higher ranking.


3. Ratings and reviews

rating-and-reviews-are-important-on-marketplaces-zepoThe buyers generally rely on feedback and opinions of users through ratings and reviews given on products. Stars, thumbs up and down are often seen as a medium of understanding as to the quality of the product. Product with higher ratings is ranked higher and lower ratings lower. Hence reviews play an instrumental role in providing the ranking to products.


4. Competitive pricing of the product

competitive-pricing-is-important-on-marketplaces-zepoThe growing trend nowadays is to facilitate the buyers online with a filter for the price. One can determine the range in which he/she is willing to buy the product, thereby providing a category and many times restricting costly product from appearing in the search engine. The product with least price among all other competitors will always appear, as everything else is expensive than it.

Although one cannot sacrifice profit just to appear higher on ranking – given that the customer may still refuse to buy the product, so an effective pricing standard should be maintained. For attention in the market, beginners should focus on being an efficient and qualitative seller. Once the status is established, the seller can gradually increase the prices by including variations in the product.


5. Advertisement

try-boosting-on-marketplaces-with-sponsored-posting-zepoMarketplaces provide sponsored product listings. Attention is a fundamental tool to increase the sale of newly launched products. For such products, paid product listing provides the necessary exposure. When the product reaches the sale expectation and ratings and reviews increase, then placing it in the sponsored listing can be avoided.


The above ways can be considered to have a higher ranking. Also, other factors such as shipping time, order defect rate and delivery history can be focused upon for the above-mentioned purpose. A qualitative product will end with high ratings, goodwill and increased sales. Once a higher ranking is obtained, new product launches and introducing variety will become relatively easy. A comfortable rapport can be developed with the customers for better performance and sales.


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Shiwangini Singh

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Guest Author

  • Thats true, ratings and user feedback are more important in Ecomm industry