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10 Proven Ways to Increase E-Commerce Conversion Rates

An e-commerce conversion rate generally is the percentage of website visitors who purchased something or performed the desired action from your online store (calculated in a set period of time).


Typical conversions include:

  • An online sale
  • A user adding a product to their cart
  • A user adding an item to their wishlist
  • Email signups
  • Social media shares
  • Any KPI your company finds valuable


10 Proven ways to increase e-commerce conversion rates:

1. Use high-quality images and detailed product descriptions

use-high-quality-images-on-marketplaces-zepoIn a bid to increase the e-commerce rate of conversion, first of all, the prospective customers will see the images of products, grab their attention. Remember that the person is not able to touch it, so they will make a personal opinion based on the image provided. Hence it is very important to make sure that the image quality should be high. In addition to that, the products should also have detailed descriptions about them. This is your first chance to impress the customer.


2. Optimize for mobile devices


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Nowadays, everyone uses a handheld device, it might be a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. If building a versatile website isn’t enough, you should also make sure that the website runs smoothly on handheld devices. E-commerce websites having apps are more popular than those who solely rely on websites.


3. Provide live chat support

have-a-live-chat-support-for-your-online-store-zepoAnother provision is to make a live chat support system, where the customers can raise their concerns and it should be well responsive. It creates a line of direct communication, so use it wisely. A toll-free number can be added for customers to register a telephonic query.


4. Provide testimonials (if possible)


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Testimonials can be provided. At first, add the product for testimonials online or identify influencers (Blog/YouTube) and send them your products for a review post or video, and later use them while listing your products to add more credibility and brand value.


5. Reviews of products


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Remember, the first time anyone buys, we take suggestions from others who bought them earlier. Provide customers with a chance to review the products and share their feedback, upon which you can curate your store.


6. Make refund policy less complicated


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Provide a simple refund policy to your customers. For example, free refund within 7 days. This will provide the much-needed assurance to your customer to go ahead and make the purchase.


7. Free shipping policy

Zepo CouriersThis also can increase your conversion rate, of course, who doesn’t like to get something free, isn’t it? If free shipping isn’t your forte, recover the costs from the prices.


8. Show cart contents all the time


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The website should have a provision to clearly show the customers their cart contents, it should be clearly visible in the layout of the website at all times to avoid any confusion.


9. Make the checkout process simple

payment-methods-online-store-zepoThe last of all, the checkout page must be made simple. You don’t want to scare them away asking for details which they aren’t expecting. Just stick to the basics, like the CVV and the Date on their credit/card. This issue is helpful with wallets, which makes the checkout easy as they let them log in with their information, it is faster and more secure. Also, make sure that there are sufficient payment options available like COD, Internet Banking, Card Payment and popular Wallet services.


10. Secure payments


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Now, the most important of them all, the website should be secure. Use high-quality encryption and anti-phishing software. Show the customers the security badges that are installed on your site so they will feel better to give details on a secure website which will eventually boost your sales.


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