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Tricks to Boost Productivity And Get Orders Out on Time

According to a recent survey around 62% of shoppers prefer buying their things online. It is more convenient for them to browse a website than taking out time from their busy schedule to visit stores. Receiving your selected favourite items on the doorstep is loved by all, but this also means that the people who provide these services are on their toes the whole time.

The service of delivery or getting the orders out on time have to become more efficient. These procedures have to be quick. This art can be mastered by some of the tried and tested methods by leading online shopping website.


1. Never be understaffed

A lot of staff is needed in order to cater the increasing demand of products which need to be delivered especially during the busy season when discounts are enormous and people are all the more attracted to purchase the products. Recruit when and where more help is required. Also, keep in mind that you are not overstaffed at a wrong time. Ensuring proper delivery even during a busy time will also increase more customer satisfaction.

It’s always a good idea to invest in automated solutions like Zepo Couriers, this can be seamlessly integrated with your existing website or marketplace account(s).


2. Think of solutions to the problem before their occurrence

keep-past-delivery-issues-handy-zepoKeep in mind any past experiences which led to problems and they could not be solved within the time period. Anticipating problems beforehand and keeping solutions for them can really help in fast and efficient delivery. Also, it will not only increase productivity but also make the whole process of delivery smoother.


3. Keep a check of your inventory

manage-your-inventory-with-zepo-marketplaceThis should be on the top of the priority list. It is a must to check your inventory for a promotion or a launch to make sure you have products in your hands. This is where Zepo’s Marketplace solutions can come in handy, manage your order and inventory from multiple marketplaces from one single dashboard.

Daily reviews could also be made through this instead of appointing humans for this work since that can also bring a lot of human errors obviously. The items should also be checked for any kind of damage since they travel a lot and tend to get spoilt on the way.


4. Working of Website

The focus should also be maintained on the website during the busy season because during this time a lot of people open the website and find it either not working due to heavy traffic of users. Regularly running the speed test on Pingdom or speedtest.net can also be of great help to keep track of your own website.


5. Track the demand

This should not be neglected. Ensuring what is running and what is wanted in the market helps in the sales of the products. Regardless of the category of products you are selling – from apparels to personalized necklaces online, everything else should be taken care of.

The customers will never complain if they get their merchandise before time, but would certainly crib if it arrives late. Customer satisfaction with the help of this can be achieved greatly.

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Aishwariya Gupta

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