How 'Suta' is taking Indian artisans to the rest of the world

Within the Branded Indian Apparel industry, Suta operates in a very small niche of contemporary ethnic wear for women using handwoven fabrics. The key contribution of our industry to the economy is taking Indian fabrics and craftsmanship to the world by providing a platform for highly skillful artisans in rural India to create designs that are contemporary and ethnic at the same time. There is an increasing demand for hand-made fabrics which stand for simplicity, comfort and symbolize the rich Indian heritage. Platforms like ours provide employment opportunities to skilled local artisans in rural India, many of whom are women, and help them be financially independent.

Su and Ta always had a special liking for the countless and varied forms of art and culture across India. Even after spending many years in the corporate world, their passion never abated. Thus in 2015, fighting many odds, Suta was born.
Suta is close to 2 years old now. It’s been a tremendously fun journey so far and we see enormous growth potential for our products. Our products have reached customers all over the world and our customer base (we call them our #sutaqueens) is growing ever so big and ever so strong. On the production front, we have so far employed 30 weavers and their family members (mostly females). We aspire to travel to many more villages and work with these god-gifted weavers.

Zepo has been like the spine for Suta without which we would fall. We had compared many e-commerce platforms for hosting our website. But after a thorough research, we chose Zepo and we are ever so happy with the decision. We received constant help from the support team. Their modules like the logistics module and the marketing module have taken a big operational load off our shoulders. Since we are an e-commerce store, having efficient and cost-effective logistics is critical and Zepo has played a major role in helping us achieve it.
We have grown organically until January 2018 almost entirely based on customer feedback and references without having invested in marketing. We started using Zepo marketing a month back and we can visualize positive ROI immediately. This will enable us to now focus on our core strength of product design with Zepo taking care of the rest.

Going forward, we plan to invest time in a few new projects which involve discovering different ways of natural processes to dye our fabrics and incorporate different natural ingredients in the weaving process. This will ensure that the world will be a little more beautiful and less polluted, our skin will be happier and most importantly, the fabric will have amazing texture and fragrance.

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