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7 Simple Ways to Market a New E-commerce Website

Creation of new e-commerce site has proved to be a masterstroke for businesses which were earlier only limited to brick-and-mortar shops. It has given them the privilege of soaring into the virtual sky, having the leverage to reach out to potential customers from around the world easily. In today’s competitive world, only building a site doesn’t suffice, effectively promoting the store is also essential. This move can increase new visitors to the store raising conversions and driving up sales. The promotion seems upon a bit tricky, thus this post would help anyone with an e-commerce store to market themselves effectively.

The seven ultimate steps to market are:

1. SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is a necessity which generates more advertising leads and also sales. This concept is innovative as it helps to position the store higher online. This is one of the best ways which can guarantee the success of the store. The less time one takes to optimize their site, the greater chance they have of striking gold.

Another factor to be considered is the speed of the website. Faster loading ones will have greater chances of engaging with prospective buyers and the conversions will be effective. Indirectly, it increases the SEO rating. The slower ones will miss out on this opportunity.

The choices of web service provider must be carefully weighed and only the best fit be considered. This can have a direct impact on performance.

2. Use of Social Media

The world has currently been taken over by social media platforms. Messenger sites such as Facebook, Twitter; video sharing like YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram have changed the way we look at the world. They have immense popularity and huge untapped potential. Marketing through them helps to do business with the unlimited exposure, and yet doesn’t cost much. It is advisable to trudge on this subject with proper planning and effective budgeting.

The first step to start is to post links and content targeting the audience which would refer them back to your website. One can use the platform Buffer to keep track of their social media postings.

3. Paid/Affiliate Promotions

Promotions have been used from time immemorial to market a new brand. They can be either stereotypical like advertisements in newspapers, television, etc. or postings online. The biggest instances online are coupons deal sites which utilize the phenomenon that when a user clicks on the ad, they are directed to your e-commerce store. Familiar coupon sites are CouponzGuru, Grabon, Cuponation, etc. This would cost but the efforts are pinpointed.

4. Get Your Products Reviewed

Another option is to take the help of bloggers who write reviews of products. One can approach them to write a review of the products they sell. If required provide free samples or allow access, they would be open to cover your opening. Favourable reviews from them will encourage the audience about the products and will drive up traffic. One can also form strategic partnerships for effectively marketing their store. For example, if new fashion products are available, the bloggers can take up the duty to impress the audience.

5. Creation Your Own Blog

An effective yet cost appealing option to market is blogging. This tool can be used to target your website towards viewers, attracting them through the blog. The blog can be used to market any new, innovative or exquisite items which one is selling. The blog can be built around the USP (unique selling proposition) considering it the pillar. This strategy has been the backbone to the formation of many successful brands.

6. Promotions to Attract New Customers

Make a great deal and let the magic begin. The better the deal is, the more people are appealed to and they will flock the e-commerce site, fulfilling the ultimate desire.

7. Free Gifts

One can also use the age-old technique of giving away. The options of trying it out first and then buying can also be stressed upon. If the products are really well as they are marketed, this will bring about new buyers, spreading the word-of-mouth and can also generate favourable online reviews.


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