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Mithila Startup Event 2018: An Amazing Initiative to Recognize the Startup Eco-System in Bihar

Increasing levels of unemployment are now leading to a new trend these days; that of entrepreneurship. The logic is simple, if you don’t have a job, create one! A good idea is all it takes to start one’s own start-up, and this is something people are now taking advantage of. It’s amazing how many ideas are floating around out there, things no one even thought they needed. With new developments in technology, new ideas come up, and hence new start-ups develop.

This increasing popularity has led to outsiders wishing to promote the start-up industry, with workshops, seminars and conferences being held all over the place. Even governments, among other organisations, are pitching in when it comes to supporting the visionaries and entrepreneurs out there. There are meets where budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to potential investors because of course, everything we want to start needs at least some amount of capital cost. One has to think about every little detail regarding the idea’s implementation, from the making of the product or developing the service, to advertisement and how to bring it to the market.

One such start-up event is being organised on 15th April 2018, by Mithila Start-up Community and L N Mithila Foundation, with support from the Bihar government in the city of Darbhanga, Bihar. The admittedly small city has two engineering colleges, one medical college, and multiple dental and nursing colleges, besides being home to one of Bihar’s oldest universities. Majority of the event’s participants are expected from these institutions. People from academia, students, start-up enthusiasts and investors are expected to participate in the events. Among the speakers will be founders of successful start-ups who will share their success stories, professionals and members of the Bihar government.

The event is meant to encourage people to take up entrepreneurship and to educate them about what exactly lies ahead. The “how’s” of building one’s own company will be discussed, and successful entrepreneurs will be asked to share their success stories. The event will give budding entrepreneurs of the city a chance to interact with investors, and show them what kind of financial support they would need. There would also be a talk on what policies the government has in place for the entrepreneurs who wish to join the world of start-ups by opening one of their own.

iMithila is one such initiative which is India’s fastest growing brand in Madhubani product category. Madhubani Painting, also known as Mithila Painting, is among the oldest art forms of the world. We at Zepo are proud to be their eCommerce technology partners and are glad to see their tremendous growth using our website and couriers solutions over the years.

Mithila Startup Event held on 15th April 2018 is proof that the “start-up fever” is spreading throughout India at a rapid pace. It shows that even small cities and towns are taking the idea of starting one’s own business seriously and there are people willing to help. The Bihar government is, of course, doing its share through its policies and initiatives.

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