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6 Strategies Proven to Acquire New Customers & Increase Customer Engagement

A brand will only succeed if the customers are happy and they will prefer that brand irrespective of its competitors. It is really important to hold on to the current customers and also with it develop strategies to get new ones.

Here we are listing 6 such strategies to acquire new customers and increase customer engagement.

1. Give rewards to your customers

It is very natural for a user to expect something in return when they are using your product daily. A small discount surprise, coupons or free gift hampers on the purchase of a certain amount is a good idea to keep the customers engaged with the brand.

2. Sharing the customer review

Customers feel more motivated to buy the product when they hear it from a happy customer itself. The review can be shared on the social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. People will buy the product more if they see positive reactions from their family and friends. Brand messaging is not always enough, the customers feel more connected to the product if they know someone has been benefitted from it.

3. Connect customers through social Question and Answers

Always remember, the more customers are connected with each other, the more they will feel they are connected with the brand. There should be an open forum for various questions that customers would like to answer based on their real experience. Social proofs have become very important these days.

4. Crowd-sourcing

This is a very traditional method for consumer engagement. It is a way of acquiring data both externally and internally. Reason for this is to develop a solution for different tasks and issues. A poll can be created on the website and the customers can themselves come up with solutions after reading the surveys. It also makes the customer feel that they are strong enough to bring a change.

5. Handle negative feedback

Anticipate negative feedback’s as well and handle them smartly, no matter how aggressive the customer sounds, always reply ASAP and with a polite reply. This will give the customer a chance to re-think their reactions and will also give a good impression because of the well-mannered response.

6. Arrange Webinars with the customers

It is an ongoing trend to arrange a workshop, lecture or seminar that is broadcasted on the web using video conferencing applications. It helps the people to know more about the brand and also it is a great way to improve connections and make new ones since it is easier to attend a workshop online than taking out lots of time to go somewhere and attend it.

Customers are the most significant people to keep a brand going, losing them means losing your name in the market.


Written by
Aishwariya Gupta

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