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5 Tips For Improving Your E-Commerce Success

The internet has made it a lot easier for a great number of people to start earning a lot more money. E-commerce is one of the biggest ways in which this can be done because of the fact that it allows you to sell for profit without having to invest in a brick and mortar store. Here are some ways in which you can optimize your e-commerce success using only top notch customer support.


#1 Offer Diverse Customer Support

Your customer support can’t be restricted to a single thing. Whether it is calls, web forms (which we are never going to recommend because of the fact that they are so inefficient), or live chat, customers are going to want options when they have a complaint or if they want to buy something from you. By offering multiple options you are going to make it far more likely that they would want to buy from you, thus ensuring that in the long run you will end up making a lot more sales than would have been the case otherwise.


#2 Save And Analyze Data

When a customer contacts you, the things they say possess a lot of information. You need to start storing this information, and if you are not doing this already then you are definitely wasting a great amount of time. This is because of the fact that you can use this data to predict customer behavior and also get an idea of what your customers are going to want to do if you launch a certain kind of product. This sort of information can completely change the way your business runs and optimize it to a great extent. Kayako provides a customer support software that makes this very easy indeed.


#3 Optimize Loading Times

When your customer comes to your webpage they are going to want to be able to make the most of their time. If your site takes a long time to load, chances are that they are not going to be interested in anything you have to offer. This is why you need to start thinking of a lot of different ways in which you would be able to speed up your site, such as avoiding graphics and ensuring that you have used the right kind of design features in your site.


#4 Use Complaints to Improve Products

When your customer gives you a complaint, don’t just take care of that specific customer and move on. Instead, try to make that complaint the focus of your next meeting, try to use it to optimize the quality of your products. Essentially, you need to use these complaints to try and ensure that they don’t occur again in the future. This can help you create a product that will always leave your customers feeling satisfied, like they are in the hands of a company that will always put their needs first. Improved products can lead to much higher sales in the long run.


#5 Build a Reputation

You need to be able to get your customers to trust you before you can end up selling to them. Most people are still very wary indeed about online transactions and the like, and they usually don’t know whether or not someone is going to actually pull through with the things they are promising. Hence, during the initial stages of your business you need to deliver on time and offer discounts, and when a customer does not like what they have been given you need to make sure that transactions are processed immediately.


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Noman Aqil is a Marketing Manager at Kayako, the effortless customer service software that helps teams be more productive and build customer loyalty.

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