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The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your eCommerce Store

Are you a traditional retailer or looking to start an eCommerce store for your online business? Follow our step-by-step guide for everything you need to know for starting an eCommerce store.

The Essential Guide to Starting an Online Store

Nowadays, eCommerce is one of the most promising and growing business trends. So, starting an eCommerce business is a little hard work with several steps & decisions that require to come together at the right time. There are a lot of different steps to building a high-quality eCommerce website that will drive more sales for your online business.

Whether you are a traditional retailer or an enthusiastic digital entrepreneur, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to explain you the process of starting an eCommerce store. Besides, this article has been conquered into a coherent order based on how you would start, research, create, launch and develop a lucrative eCommerce business.

Here is a clear, actionable, and step-by-step guide on building an eCommerce store and turning it into a thriving business.

#1. Finding Your Product

An initial step to starting an eCommerce business is to identify what products you want to sell. This is frequently the most challenging part of beginning a new online store. So, you have to discover a gap in the market that you believe you can elect, or found something better than what currently exists.

However, there are some variations. For instance, selling online strongly improves the inherent size of your market when correlated to a common retail store. This means specific products that would not support a business when trading in a brick and mortar store may be indelible when you can sell to buyers wherever in the world. With digital products & services, there are also tons of new categories to consider, such as digital downloads and exclusively customized products.


#2. Validating Your Idea

Once you have found a product, how do you know if it’s a great idea or not? So how do you test whether this idea will work? One general factor amongst various successful founders is that they discover a method to test how amenable people are to their idea without building their comprehensive eCommerce store. So, this way is the foundation of the Lean Startup methodology.

Accordingly, once you have an idea, then another step is to test it. From testing, you will both have the validation that people need your product, or you will get insight into what people would really want.

Here are three crucial questions you must try to answer when validating your idea:

  • How much competition is in this niche. And am I able to stand out there?
  • How many people do I think will purchase this product?
  • How much profit will I earn after factoring in expenses like manufacturing, shipping, and returns?


#3. Obtaining Your Products

Once you have determined what you are going to sell and validated that there is demand, you should figure out where & how you are going to obtain your products, and where you are going to get your supplier. Here, we mentioned several options:

Create Your Products Manually
As businesses with different products, like a grocery, fashion, electronics, furniture or jewellery store, frequently you can test your store with a limited offering. So, discover ways to build your product manually at the beginning & then improve automation as your business evolves.

Import your Products
Else if you are looking to import your products from China, there are China sourcing agents available online. Alibaba is also a comfortable way to source products in bulk. Alibaba and AliExpress enable you to select products from thousands of wholesalers & retailers immediately. You can usually contract with suppliers to get a confined run or sample of products before putting a larger order. Hence, connecting with merchants through Alibaba can also be a great entry point for sourcing wholesale providers or manufacturers.

Manufacture your Products
For online businesses, finding the right manufacturing partner is really important. Sometimes you cannot test your products without creating them first. However, you can set up a landing page or even a campaign to measure interest in your product before launch. While manufacturing, you should also generate interest and capture preorders.

By examining your product & consumers before starting your online store, you will have the insight to identify what your consumers want and the best way to build an eCommerce store to sell your product.


#4. Pick a Well-Built eCommerce Platform

To really succeed at eCommerce businesses, you must choose the right eCommerce platform. The biggest mistake novices make is when starting an eCommerce store is electing the wrong eCommerce solution. So, before you build your eCommerce website, you should pick a reliable & powerful online store builder.

With the sophisticated eCommerce platform, building & launching your eCommerce store are a very easiest process. Moreover, it will provide you with the simple & great tools to spread the word, maintain consumer relationships. It also set up simple integrations with your shipping partners.


#5. Manage Your eCommerce Store Like a Pro

Once you have found a great idea, validated & created your first products, built your online store and launched, you will need to go behind the scenes to operate your online store in an efficient manner. Growing your online business early on and sustaining it can be a great challenge. It can be hard to know what to focus on. So here are a few ideas to improve your sales that every store can improve upon.

  • Create and Optimize your Advertising
  • Set the language of your store
  • Set the shipping and tax details
  • Optimize your Store Content & Processes
  • Set up your payment options


#6. Promote Your eCommerce Store

Once your eCommerce store is setting up and running, accepting payments and your product pages are well presented with high-resolution images and lots of written content, then you will need to start promoting your online store.

There are some strategies you should keep in mind for taking in new business and for keeping your existing consumers satisfied.

zepo marketing
Make your eCommerce site easy to find
The success of your eCommerce venture is profoundly reliant on your visibility in the search engines. In order for people to locate your eCommerce website, you must make sure your SEO is more effective. Initially, you should choose a domain name which is easy to remember. Although, be sure you have acquired a clean URL with explicit products page names, or in other words. Moreover, don’t forget to keep track of how many visitors you are getting with using Google Analytics. So, you will need to take a wider-reaching way to drive web traffic to your eCommerce store.

Get social
Social media presents an outstanding platform for you to promote new products, your brand, content, and so on. Create business accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social media platform you find suitable to reach your audience. You can share behind the scenes photos or upcoming collections over your social channels. Moreover, you can add social sharing options for the users to share the products what they like.

Keep your buyers in the loop
The great way to keep your buyers is setting up a blog for your eCommerce store and share about industry topics or the latest collection you have been working on. The another best method is sending inventive emails to promote the latest collection or a seasonal sale & increase your reach by sharing your newsletter on social media. Although, don’t forget to provide your shoppers with a voice and allow them to give reviews about your products & services.



Starting your own eCommerce store is not an easy job. Entering into the world of online commerce might be time-consuming, however, depending on your industry, it can be greatly profitable in the longer term. Therefore, the above-mentioned steps will provide you with a clear roadmap to start a successful eCommerce business.


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