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How Can No Cost EMI Can Help Grow Your E-commerce Business

This exponential rate of growth is sure to boost the market share of E-commerce businesses by leaps and bounds in the near future. But with so many E-commerce websites out there, how will you make your online store stand out?


Use No Cost EMI to Attract More Customers

If you are looking to accelerate your online business, you should consider the ‘No Cost EMI Model’ to drive growth. One of the best ways to get more customers to buy your products is to make your offerings affordable and the no-cost EMI scheme is the easiest way to do that!

For instance, if you are mobile retailer offering a wide-ranging assortment of leading mobile brands online, an offering that reads no cost EMI mobiles on all your sales and promotional pages, will definitely lure more shoppers. The idea of purchasing an expensive mobile phone that buyers cannot afford can be made a reality with affordable EMIs where they pay absolutely nothing extra! This strategy is capable of converting a consideration into a purchase decision without a doubt.


How Does No Cost EMI Work?

With the no-cost EMI scheme, the monthly installments are based on the final product price and the EMI tenure chosen by the buyer. So, if a buyer has purchased a product worth Rs. 9000 and chosen the repayment tenure of 6 months, he/she will be paying you Rs. 1,500 every month for the coming 6 months.


What Makes No Cost EMI an Irresistible Proposition?

Unlike a regular EMI that requires a buyer to make a down payment and also pay an interest rate along with the processing fee, the no-cost EMI scheme requires your online shoppers to pay only the product price in affordable EMIs within a convenient tenure chosen by them.

So whether they want to purchase an expensive lifestyle product that is not readily doable or a laptop they’ve been dreaming of since long, the attractive option of an interest-free EMI won’t keep them waiting for months. By helping your online shoppers buy your products without going through a financial setback, your E-commerce brand is sure to bring in repeat buyers.


No cost EMI is fast emerging as a popular and preferred payment mode for online shoppers especially when purchasing home appliances, smartphones, tablets and laptops. Leading E-commerce sites are already leveraging the no-cost EMI scheme as a payment option to boost their sales.

So, if you want to penetrate the market, drive more visitors to your online store and generate revenue, then be sure to give your online shoppers the ability to opt for no cost EMI payment mode. This is a surefire strategy to highlight your E-commerce store and increase your sales overnight. Other effective ways to clear the online clutter and give your online business a boost is to get influencers to do the marketing for you. You can also run social media marketing campaigns and PPC adverts to create a buzz across the digital landscape.


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