Marketing Trends We Can’t Wait to See in the Upcoming Year

With the rise in the number of E-Commerce businesses, it is a must for all the owners and its people to keep up with their marketing skills in order to not lose their customers to other alternatives. 2019 a yet another year to experience new marketing trends which should be implemented by all. Underneath are few marketing trends which we are expected to see this year.


  1. Artificial Intelligence

With technology intermixing with all aspects of our lives, it hasn’t spared the advertising and marketing industry too. Chat bots are preferred where one can talk 24/7 to an assistance related to any help he/she wants, this is a part of AI and is expected to become more popular by this year.


  1. Video marketing

Just scrolling through your social media feed you will encounter more videos than normal motionless picture advertisements because this is an age that prefers live video streams, 360-degree videos, video demonstrations, branding clippings over any of the old advertising techniques. With this, we will see more people turning to this strategy and more tools which will analyze the consumer response to video will emerge.


  1. Marketing attribution

It simply means the relationship between marketing and revenue. It measures the quality of specific marketing avenue based on their performance. It helps you to understand better where exactly your customers are viewing your products more.


  1. Interactive content marketing

People will be more influenced to buy the products or visit your website when the content displayed is user interactive. Engaging customers in a few contents and offers or giving them an ability to personalize the content and then see the changes is something that is appreciated by the users and hence this will be one of the trends one will see emerging in this year.


  1. Influencer marketing

It is surely an age of AI but let us not forget that it is the people who have made the robots and hence they are also capable of carrying out campaigns and influencing people. 2018 will also see individual or group of people convincing others to use the product. Authenticity needs to be maintained and thus comes this marketing strategy.


Written by
Asihwariya Gupta

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