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How To Boost Your eCommerce Sales During The Holiday Season

This year has a prolonged list of long weekends coming which technically means that 2019 is the year loaded with holiday season. While this might be a great news to you but marketers get super anxious as to how to increase eCommerce sales especially when there are other brands as well ready to eat up your customers. As to help, we are sharing the top tips to ensure that your store is holiday-ready!

1. Create holiday themed content

When customers are soaked in the excitement of holiday, use this as a strategy by featuring holiday themed products, services, discount content. This will not only get them more eager but will also help in pumping up your sales.

2. Referral cards to your rescue

If your friends uses your referral card number or code, points are added into your account. This is a pull for customers as it will allow people to create eagerness in them and they will share their referral card code more and more wich indirectly increases your reach and will halp you getting more attention from different bases of customers.

3. Social media marketing

In today’s tech-savvy world, almost all the brands have their pages on Instagram and facebook. By promoting holiday themed content, you can get recognition by many customers.
For example, if you are an online retailer and it is Christmas time, then instead of simply saying ‘ we wish you a merry Christmas ‘ you can use sentences like ‘ fill your cart just like how santa does and don’t get heavy discounts as your cart fills’ .

4. Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

Who doesn’t like unexpected gifts, surely it is holiday season so be in your #vacay mood and send unecpected gifts to your customers when they buy something from you.

5. History repeats itself

You can use last years historical data to ensure which, what, when, why are you targeting and improve throughout. This will also help in efficiently digarding the things that were not fruitful last year and this will reduce your overall advertisement expenditure as well.

6. Spruce up with emails

Take technology a level up by identifying how many days prior and at what time you should send emails to your acquired customers and acquiring customers so that your mails are not moved to trash and also make sure that your email is valid ad doesn’t require more than a 2 minute reading because customtres already get many emails and therefore it is better to keep your upto the mark.

7. Get customized

There might be a chunk of your customers who shop occasionally and so are inactive more of the time. By sending them emails which have their name followed by a question like ‘ where have you been this whole time’ or you were dearly missed’ might help in getting attention from the inactive customers as well.

8. Supplement your site related to gifts

Customers also visit a site when they have to buy gifts for their near and dear ones and so making different verticals like ‘ gifts under 299/399/499’ and ‘ personalized gifts for him/her’ will surely help.

Author: Ridhi Verma


Although I am still pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Finance, I have a keen interest towards writing. Apart from this I love travelling, working in NGO’s and I have an unmatchable love for animals.

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